Emsisoft Anti-malware is considered to be one of the best anti-malware product available on the Internet. It makes use of two antivirus technologies and thus is often referred to as a dual scanner. Although a dual scanner, Emsisoft have been claiming that their product is faster and lighter than other Antivirus programs. It provides three layer of protection : prevents you from accessing dangerous and fraudulent websites, runs real time file scan on the background, and monitors the behavior of active programs and lets you know if it notices anything suspicious.

I guess that’s enough for you to understand what’s it about. So now, let’s get to the point.

Emsisoft is currently giving away 6 months’ licence of its Anti-malware product to the readers of Computerbild. It is meant for residents of Russia only. But, we can easily bypass the restriction with the use of a Russian proxy.

First of all, get yourselves a Russian proxy. Use the one with a higher uptime value.

Head over to this site and check to confirm that your location is shown as Russia.

Emsisoft Giveaway Form

Now, go to the giveaway page. Obviously, the texts are in Russian language, because its a promotion meant for Russians only.

The first field is asking for your first name and the last field, for your password. Enter anything you like; it doesn’t matter.

 As you can guess, you need to put your email on the second field.

Successful in getting licence key

Once you press the button, one of two things will happen : either you will see the same three fields with a red text below the button, or you’ll just see a bunch of Russian texts in black color. If you see it in black, it means you were successful and will receive the code on your email. If you see a red text, you need to try it again with a new proxy.

Emsisoft Licence Key

Check your email (esp. spam folder).

You should have received an email from Emsisoft. Scroll a little lower, and you’ll find the licence key there.

Download Emsisoft Anti-malware, put the key during installation and enjoy 6 months of dual scan protection!

Note : You need to redeem the licence key within three months from the date you received it on your email.