Kaspersky is giving away fully functional, 6 months’ licence of its product – Kaspersky Pure 3.0.  Pure is not just an antivirus, it’s an overall security solution with many features.

  • It provides additional security for your online transactions.
  • Backups and restores the data on your computer.
  • Protects your identity.
  • Helps improve your computer’s performance with the help of several PC cleanup tools.
  • Protects your files with easy-to-use encryption technology.
  • Helps limit children’s access to internet.
  • And also lets you control multiple PCs on your home.

You can read in detail about its features here.

How to get the 6 months’ licence?

The promotion is meant for residents of UK and Ireland only. So, obviously, you need to get yourself a UK proxy.

But the problem is, Kaspersky seems to limit access to the promotion page depending upon the IP address. So, if you try accessing the giveaway with a proxy and still receive an error, then you can be certain that someone has already used that proxy to redeem the activation code.

Now, there’s two ways you can proceed :

  •  Try until you get a working UK proxy that has not been used already.
  • Or, use Opera Turbo.

Here’s an easy method to get yourself a unique proxy via Opera Turbo:IP Address

Download Opera Browser. Once it is installed, Go to Settings > Preferences > Webpages and Turn On Opera Turbo.

Go here and check “Your IP Address Location:” (See the image). That field should contain either Europe, UK or Ireland. If it doesn’t, then close Opera and re-open it. Check your location once again. Do this until Europe, UK or Ireland are shown on the location field.

Now, head over to the official giveaway page and fill up the form.

It does not matter whether you select Yes or No under “Did you attend the Infosec event?”.

You will receive the activation code/licence on your email.

Once you receive your activation code, go to the Kaspersky Pure 3.0 download page.

Click on the Download button under “Latest Versions” to start your download. The installer is about 180 Mb in size.

Put your activation code on Pure and enjoy 6 months of ultimate PC protection.

Note :
  • The promotion ends on May 12, 2013.
  • You will have to use the activation code within 30 days from the date of issue (after you receive it on email).