How To Setup .NP Domain Name For Tumblr Blog?

I assume you have already gotten yourself a .NP domain name. If not, you can read the process here.

Mercantile only lets you change Nameservers of your domain, however, services such as Google’s Blogger and Tumblr, require you to change A Record and CNAME, but not the nameservers. So, if you wish to use your domain name for hosting blogger or tumblr blog, then there’s only one alternative : to use third-party DNS service which supports A and CNAME records. Here’s what you need to do in order to use your domain with Tumblr. read more

Co.CC Alternatives – Similar Free Domain Registrars

It’s been days since Co.CC has shut down and obviously, people have started looking for a better alternative. Here I have made a list of free domain registration services that can act as an alternative to Co.CC. All of the free domains suggested here are indexed by Google as of the moment of making this post. So, you don’t need to worry about not ranking on search engine. But, we can’t be sure what will happen at a later date. Facebook, however, could have blocked multiple of them. read more

Co.CC closes down without warning – Users locked out of their own site

The ever popular Co.CC company which provided free as well as paid Co.CC domains has closed down, without giving any warning to the customers. All the Co.CC domains are currently down and can no longer be accessed. Co.CC had stopped accepting new users some time before they closed down. Users were used to be greeted with a message saying “A new domain cannot be registered” . read more