AVG has recently extended its relationship with Yandex, Russia’s leading Internet search provider and is now giving away free licences of its Android antivirus : Antivirus Pro v3.3. These licences are perpetual, meaning, you will have the premium antivirus forever – the licence does not have an expiry date.

With this antivirus you can scan everything on your phone in real time, kill tasks, browse web safely, monitor memory & battery usage, lock apps, backup apps, lock sim etc. It has also got anti-theft protection. You can see the list of features on Play Store or on the official site.

The normal price of the app is about $16 (one time only; does not require subscription). Since the AV is meant for Android devices, you will obviously require an Android phone to make use of the offer. The exact Android version requirement is unknown since it varies from device to device. You will need to follow the instructions below and do as said, before the end of 2013 in order to receive a perpetual free licence of the Antivirus PRO.

How to get AVG Antivirus Pro (Android) for free ?

  • Visit Yandex.Store from your Android phone and download the app (8.9 Mb).AVG Antivirus Pro
  • Install the app. It requires android v2.3.3+. Yandex.Store is an Android app store/marketplace just like Google play store. (If you are not able to install the app, click on the “Installation instructions” button and follow the directions.)
  • Register an Yandex account (from within the app).
  • Search for “Mobile AntiVirus Security PRO” inside Yandex.Store app. Go to the first search result and install it.
  • ┬áNo need to enter licence or anything. You will be automatically provided with a unique licence that will make your AVG Antivirus Pro run forever.
  • Now that the installation is complete, you can uninstall Yandex.Store app (if you want to).
  • Run a scan, enable anti-theft and enjoy your AVG protected Android device.


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