I recently came across this promotion, and thought I’d share it here; it has been a while since I last posted about any freebies (or any post for that matter.)

If you head over to Otakumode right now, and register, you will receive a 5$ welcome coupon and a 5$ TOM credits. Combined, you will be able to buy any of the items worth 10$ for free. The register link above is my referral link, but that is essentially what is going to give you the $5 TOM points. If you register without my referral link, you will only receive the 5$ welcome coupon.

I bought a Sushi Salmon Cell Stand, and a T-Rex figure. Your shipping address has to match with your PayPal / Credit & Debit card’s billing address, or else the order will be canceled. While Credit/Debit card users don’t have to pay anything, PayPal users have to bring the order total to at least $0.01 (because you have to make some payment via PayPal to complete the order, and $0 is not a payment that can be made via PayPal.)

Also, I insist you to buy two items because then, you will get free worldwide shipping. Otherwise, you’d have to pay for shipping. Items are sent via EMS.

Steps Involved

  • Go to the TOM Premium Shop (Sort the products on SALE from low to high according to their price).
  • Add two items to your cart so that your order total comes to at least $10. Then proceed onto next step.
  • $5 coupon is automatically applied to your order total. To apply the $5 TOM credit, scroll a little until you see TOM POINTS. Enter 5.00 on the text box, and click on USE. (Please note that if you are using PayPal, you have to bring the order total to at least $0.01. So, instead of using $5.00, you should use $4.99 of the TOM points. That will get the order total to $0.01. You will need to make the $0.01 payment from your PayPal account.)
  • You should receive $10 off in your order total.
  • Make the payment.

Merchandises are made and shipped from Japan. Items that cost less are going out of stock real soon, so you should take action right now.

NOTE : The free shipping offer when buying two or more items lasts till Dec 31.