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Get free .ME domain name for a year!

Here's a cool offer to get a free .ME domain name for a year! is providing a free .me domain to the users of Mozilla Thunderbird. All you need is the latest version of Mozilla Thunderbird.

Update 2013.1.1 - THIS OFFER IS NOW OVER  !!!



Update : This offer is now available only in certain countries. If it asks for you to make a payment, then the offer is not available to the users from your country. We are not sure exactly which countries the offer is available to, though. So, just give it a try.



How to get a free .ME domain for a year?

  • Download the latest full version of Mozilla Thunderbird from here.
  • Install Thunderbird once you download it.
  • Immediately after you launch Thunderbird, you'll be greeted with a screen saying Would you like a new email address? Enter the domain name you'd like to have there.

  • Once you have found the .me domain you like, click on the button saying US $0.00 a year.
  • Click on Buy.

  • It will now ask you to log in to your account. Click on Create an account.


  • You will be redirected to a sign up page. Put your correct information on that page and sign up on
  • On the Submit Your Order page, put a tick mark under List of contracts to be accepted and then click on Submit button.
  • You will be asked to enter password for your mailbox. Enter anything you like. Click on OK.

  • The domain has been registered. You can now close Thunderbird.
  • Check your email  that you had used earlier to sign up on You should have received an email titled [GANDI] Your Gandi Handle‏. Open up that email to see your Gandi Handle. If you haven't received an email, check your Junk folder.
  • Once logged in, click on your domain name.

  • Click on Modify servers to change the DNS.
That's it. Enjoy a free .me domain for a year!

Note : This offer is only valid until December 31st 2012, and only via Thunderbird, Also, only one .ME domain per person will be offered. If you try to abuse the system, your domain might be deleted and your account blocked.

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  1. hemazz hemazz

    i tried it , it's not free :(

  2. Joshua Joshua

    It gave me to a page where i would pay $28. this is a scam!

    • is a reputable company, it doesn't scam people. Did you follow the guide exactly as it is shown here? You have to select .ME domain which says $0.0 per year. The regular fee for registering .Me on Gandi is $24, but that fee is automatically negated to $0 if you do as I have said above.

      • Joshua Joshua

        i did everything until the last drop of the registration. i got different than your pics. my choice has a payment but in your pic, it doesnt have.

        • Hi Joshua, I have just learned that they took the offer down due to spam registrations. They said it will be back by Monday. Please try registering the domain on Monday.

          • Joshua Joshua

            i'm pretty sure i'm going to love this blog. thanks mister :) yeah i've just live chat with them and they told me they'll be back oon monday because registration spam.

            i'm going to check here more. i would be pleased to see iOS stuff in here. You got like 27/7 support here :D

          • Seems like it's working now. Try registering the domain. :)

  3. J4WZ J4WZ

    well i need to pay £16.74 for .me domain on gandi..

    • They have put the offer on hold for some days now. It works sometimes, whereas sometimes, it doesn't. So, just try again later; it should work at some point.

  4. J4WZ J4WZ

    do you need to register a new account everytime traying?

    • No, you don't need to create a new account every time you try. If it shows $0.00 as it shows on the second picture above, just click on BUY and log-in to your existing account.

      PS. It seems like they've limited the offer to certain countries, but they have not mentioned to which countries. ( I'll let you know if there's any new update. Thank you.

  5. J4WZ J4WZ

    but eaven when its have a button that is says $ 0.00 when i click it and login it says 16.45 £..

    • I'm sorry but they have now limited the offer to certain countries only.

      • Bogdan Bogdan

        It work with an hide ip, and i said i'm from US, i hope to let me to keep.

        • So, you mean it worked when you used a US VPN/Proxy? Congrats. :)

          • Bogdan Bogdan

            Strange, half an hour ago i have avtivated my domain, and it point to may NS (which i changed), but now returned to: "This domain name has been registered with It is currently being parked by the owner".

            And was interrupted while i uploaded some files...


          • Did you try clearing your cache? But, if the file upload was interrupted, it couldn't have been a cache issue either. Login to your account and check the Nameserver details. It is very possible that they could have disabled your account.

          • Bogdan Bogdan

            Well, it's back again, and try to upload .

            For @J4WZ , i use "Easy-Hide-IP", and i setup US

        • J4WZ J4WZ

          well its not working what VPN/PROXY did you use?

        • J4WZ J4WZ

          did you need to create a new account or did it worked with your exsting one?

        • J4WZ J4WZ

          i love you its working for me :D

  6. J4WZ J4WZ

    how do you guys get this working?

  7. J4WZ J4WZ

    lol when i change my dns to another website (hosting) my domain was parked by the owner.

  8. Darko Darko

    What about this promo code, can someone can give me promo code...I think when we walidate it, it will work... Please help..

    • No promo code is required. Just follow the direction on the post above. Use a USA VPN if doesn't work in your country.

  9. At oussama At oussama

    This offer is not a scam, but the problem is that you need to be a US or UK (and some other few countries) to get it, if you get into the ordering page, and got 0.00 $ then you're just 1 step away from getting your domain, if you got any amount (24 $ or any) that mean your country isn't listed to get this offer.

  10. limon limon

    It's also not working because they offer only 50,000 free domain and it's book under couple of days.
    plz reply. me a working tips thank you

    • It works. Please read the post carefully. Only users from US, UK and certain other countries can get the .me domain for free. Try using a US VPN.

  11. Prodip Prodip

    How to change the dns service? after change the dns, the email will come to my Mozilla Thunderbird?

    Help me.....

    • That has been explained on the post. Login to with your Gandi handle and password. Then go to Modify Servers as shown on the last picture above. You can change your DNS from there.

      And No, after changing your DNS, the email won't come to your ThunderBird. You will have to manually set it up on ThunderBird with your Host's mail server.

      • Prodip Prodip

        I want to get a free hosting with original cpanel. can you help?

        • There are lots of free hosting services. Just Google for it. :)

          • Prodip Prodip

            You Say what is the best free hosting.....

  12. Firemaster1337 Firemaster1337

    I tried setting and used the heliohost name servers but it wont work it said server not found!

      • Firemaster1337 Firemaster1337

        I got it to work but then they killed the damn domain and now I had to sign up with and they closed that... but I got it back online so now its

  13. pam pam

    Is this free offer only for one year? Will they be telling us to pay or no more e-mail after one year? I thought this was supposed to be free email,

    • Yes, you get free e-mail address/domain for first year only. After that, you will need to pay to renew it. (To get the .me email, the .me domain has to be registered, which costs money. Gandi.Net is simply registering the domain for you for the first year only.)

  14. ketion ketion

    when i click the buy button ,it show this " $24.00 excl. VAT/year". no free any more !!!!

  15. Cal Cal

    Just confirming, the promo is legit. Just got a free .me domain ($24 value). I reside in the us.Thanks a lot Subigya!

  16. user user

    worked for me in canada

  17. ketion ketion

    can you help me to regist a free .me domain?i try with us vpn,but it don't conect with the site.what the name of the domain i whant is "gaofushui".please help me regist it,then sent a email about the acount imformation of the "" to email address is *removed for spam protection*,thank you.

  18. kumar gaurav kumar gaurav

    Well its not working. Its a bullshit website. After successful registration my domain got deleted within 4 hour. Than tried many times and my domain deleted every-time. So I recommend, Better use a paid domain provider for good service.

  19. juve juve

    plase domeni plase

  20. Cata Cata

    It's a scam or marketing strategy.

    They have deleted my domain without notice.

    PS: I have not broken the rules.

    • kumar gaurav kumar gaurav

      Thats what I am saying Its a scam dont use it. Better get a good paid domain.

  21. Dani Dani

    Domain names (0)

    DNS Zones (1)

    Mail packs (0)

    Operations (0)

  22. thinking of trying this but is it only for ONE YEAR though?

  23. Cal Cal

    I registered my domain about a week ago and its still working. Ive been using it almost everyday for a website. Maybe you have to stay active.

  24. cyberVu cyberVu

    Thank you Subigya ! :) It's still works!

  25. Siva Siva

    Found a legit working solution to get .me domain for free.
    1.Install Easy Hide IP
    2.Get a US Address from Borderlinx(Provides US&UK addresses for people staying outside US)
    3.Clear all your cookies(Thunderbird cookies too!)
    4.Restart the system
    5.Start Easy Hide IP,Change the IP to US
    6.Try Registering again with the US Address(Borderlinx address)
    7.Tada !Your Free .me domain is ready!

    • It's about time for the offer to be closed. Thanks for the information, though.

    • kumar gaurav kumar gaurav

      This is not going to work with easy hide ip too, i tried all the methods after successful registration your domain will be deleted within 2 hours to 3 days. so don't use gandi. its completely bullshit. Better pay for a domain and use coupon codes for cheap domain registration,

    • Siva Mudiyanur Siva Mudiyanur

      That was really helpful ! thanks !

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