Because of Facebook, there’s no need for people to memorise their friends’ birthdays anymore. It keeps note of all the birthdays and sends you a reminder whenever someone on your friend list has his/her birthday coming up. But, as helpful as that might be, an e-mail reminder or a facebook notification might not be the only way you want to be made aware of your pals’ birthday. So, here I am suggesting you a way to receive SMS reminders of the birthday based on Facebook’s Birthday record. You will be able to receive SMS reminder of your friends birthday for free.

First of all, go to Google Calendar.

Click on Settings on the upper right hand corner.

Google Calendar Settings

Select Calendar settings and go to Mobile Setup.

Select your country from the drop down list and enter your mobile number.

Google Calendar Mobile Setup

Click on Send Verification Code. You will receive a code on your mobile. Enter it on the Verification code field and click on Finish Setup.

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Now, go to Calendars tab and click on Create New Calendar.

Enter Facebook Birthdays on the Calendar Name field and click on Create Calendar.

Now head over to Facebook. Go to Events.

Export Facebook Friends Birthday

Click on the small wrench icon at the top right and select Export.

On the new popup, right click where it says export your friends’ birthdays and click on Copy Link Location.

Export Events and Birthdays

Remove the webcal:// from the copied link and open it on your Web browser.

You will be asked whether to open the file or save it. Save the file.

Save Exported Birthday List

On Google Calendars, go to Settings > Calendars.

Click on Import Calendar.

Browse to the location of the file that you just saved from Facebook.

Select Facebook Birthdays from the dropdown list beside Calendar.

Click on Import.

Import Calendar

Go to Settings > Calendars.

Click on Facebook Birthdays.

Go to Reminders and notifications tab.

Click on Add a reminder.

Select SMS and how early you want yourself to be notified about the upcoming birthday.

Click on Save.

Add a SMS reminder on Google Calendar

Was the method of any help to you? Do you think you’ll be using SMS reminders for birthdays? Let us know by commenting below.

Image Courtesy : © 2121fisher | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images