Google Sites is an easy site builder provided by Google. However, the number of people who use Google Sites, or even know that it exists, is very less since most of the users prefer to go with Blogger or WordPress.  You don’t need to have any technical knowledge to use Google Sites, not even the amount you require to operate a Blogger blog. It is very simple and has a very limited number of options.

Google Sites to WordPress

If you have used Google Sites in the past, or are still using it, and would like to transfer to WordPress, you must be well aware that unlike Blogger, it does not provide any options to export posts. You could use Google Sites Liberation Tool to exports the posts as an XHTML file but it is not possible to import those files into WordPress.

There is however one possible way to transfer posts from Google sites to WordPress, and that is by using the feeds. What we are going to do is generate an Atom feed of the posts, and then import them to WordPress via a plugin. Note that, imported posts will have no alignment. You will need to go through every post and update them as per your need.

Google Sites feed can be accessed by adding “/feeds/content/” in the URL.

A default Google Sites URL looks like this :

Therefore, the feed URL of above site would like this :

  • Go to the plugin settings.
  • Navigate to the Feeds tab.

Google Sites Feed URL

  • Enter some name on the Feed Name. The feed URL of your Google Sites should be put on the Feed URL text area.
  • Click on Save Settings.
  • Head over to the Feed to Post settings tab.
  • Put a tick mark on the top where it says “Check to Activate this Feature”.

Activate Feeds To Posts

  • Now you can choose the settings you like. My recommendations :
  1. Under default status of posts select “draft”. You will need to review the posts one by one to adjust the alignment etc. so save it as draft.
  2. Under Fetch Quantity Settings, select the number of posts you’d like to import. If you want to import all the posts, select the maximum possible value (100 and 300 respectively).
  3. Under Word Output Settings, select “Give me everything”.
  4. Since most of the Google Sites’ posts will come with unnecessary HTML codes of table and several other stuff, select “yes” under HTML and Image Handling. Selecting “yes” here will also remove the images from the posts.
  • Click on Save Settings once you are done.
  • Press on “Click to fetch feeds now” button.
  • Wait for a while until it says “The most recent feeds have been put into posts.”

Feeds Fetched

  • Now check out the drafts on your site by going to Posts > Drafts and you will see that all of your posts have been imported.