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How email marketing could benefit you

Email marketing is rapidly becoming one of the most effective and popular marketing methods deployed by all kinds of companies, whether large or small. One reason for this is it is relatively easy to implement. Massive companies with hundreds and thousands of customers on their client base can reach each and every one of them almost instantaneously. Plus, when tailored correctly, email marketing can be made to feel very personal to the customer, instantly boosting the status of the company. Customers begin to feel they are valued and that the company really care about them.

On a smaller scale, it’s equally as efficient. Campaigns can be easily established, designed, and fulfilled in a few easy steps thanks to companies like iContact. Email marketing is known for increasing customer retention, which is essential for growing your business, and it can really improve how customers feel about your customer service. So, how else could email marketing benefit you?

  • It is extremely cost effective. The fundamental purpose of a business is for it to make a profit, and therefore it is important for founders to constantly be looking for ways to keep costs to a minimal in order to boost profits. Email marketing is an extremely cheap, yet still effective, form of marketing as it does not require any physical material as everything is produced digitally.
  • Instant contact. Other forms of marketing can take a long time to be actually implemented and viewed by your existing and potential customers. Time is of the essence, and there is nothing more valuable than being able to reach and sell to your customers as quickly as possible in a way that is personal and is in no way intimidating. When people receive an email in their own inbox, the chance that they will properly look into it and read it through is a lot more likely than the chance of reading an advert you place in a magazine or newspaper.
  • Easy to track sales and engagement. How do you know who your best leads are? Email marketing makes it easier to look into sales and track customer engagement with your marketing. By measuring engagement it makes it possible to see who is taking the most interest in your company and where you may be able to find the most sales. But secondly, you can see what copy and marketing messages are producing the most sales and you can then start to build a rock solid marketing campaign to boost the amount of sales you can generate.

These are only three ways in which email marketing can benefit you and your business, but there is still a lot of unmentioned potential. To recap, make sure your email marketing campaigns are measurable so you can use engagement to judge what works and what does not. Secondly, be sure to follow up any potential customers in order to successfully convert sales from your email marketing campaign.

Image Courtesy : By PCL-BO [CC-BY-SA-2.5], via Wikimedia Commons
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