Payza (formerly Alertpay) is an online payment processor that allows people to send and receive money online securely and quickly. With PayPal as the most popular online payment processor, it is somewhat difficult to find web services that accept Payza. Payza, however, supports more countries than PayPal does and hence is mostly popular in those countries. Here I have made a list of domain registrars which accept Payza to offer their domain registration services.


 1. Namesilo – A reputable company that offers domains at a cheap price. They accept Moneybookers (Skrill) as well. You can use the coupon code lacuna and get one dollar off the registration fee. This is the best one of all and I recommend you guys to use them.

2. Web4Africa – They are a bit expensive than Namesilo. Besides Payza, they accept Moneybookers, Liberty Reserve and lots of other payment processors.

3. Gossimer  – They claim to have been accepting Payza since the initiation of their business(in 2001). They are very reputable registrars and have good reviews all over the Internet. The price is fair too. They also accept Liberty Reserve and WebMoney.

4. Graficonet – Frankly, the price is too much expensive. But, you could try them if you want to.

As mentioned before, I’d recommend you guys to use Namesilo as they are a very reputable company and have the best domain registration price as well. Good Luck.