Bing Translator automatically translates non-English posts on Facebook and Twitter. As much as I’d like to appreciate the feature, it is very unreliable service. I’m not sure about you guys, but I have never seen Bing translate even one word of my language (Nepali) correctly. I’d rather not see incorrect translations on my news feed.

It is possible to disable Bing Translations on Facebook by blocking the Bing app from Facebook’s App Center. Twitter, however, does not let you disable it. There is no option on Twitter to block the Bing app.

However, there is a workaround to block the Bing translator from appearing on Twitter.

Update 2: Starting August 2014, Twitter has completely removed Bing Translator from appearing on Tweets. My extensions, or solutions below are now obsolete.

Update : I have made an extension and a userscript to simply hide the translations/’view translation’ link from appearing on Twitter.

My language is Nepali, yet it shows as Estonian. Anyway, after installing the mentioned extension/userscript, you will no longer see the translations.



Google Chrome Users

Just install Disable Bing Translator on Twitter extension.

FireFox/Opera users

Install Disable Bing Translator on Twitter userscript. (How to install?)

Other Browser users

You can add these rules to your stylesheet :

.btn-link.js-translate-tweet  { display: none !important; }
.tweet-translation { display: none !important;}

Or, you can use an Adblock/URLblock extension to block this link :*