Yep, that’s right. You can direct download torrent files. There are numerous benefits of direct download over the download through bittorrent clients – the ability to pause and resume at any time, download is more secured since it is not a peer to peer transfer, torrents with even less number of seeds can be downloaded (since the connection has a blazing fast speed), download is much faster and less resources of your CPU are consumed. Most importantly, this is very helpful incase bittorrent clients or the protocal itself is blocked on your PC.

UPDATE : Torrific is down. This tutorial no longer works. Click here to read the new updated tutorial.

Here’s how you do it. First of all download the .torrent file of the content that you wish to download. I am going to use Big Buck Bunny and the Ox-Bow incident just for the purpose of explaining the method to you. After you have downloaded the torrent metadata file (.torrent), go to this site.

Now, click on “Choose file” button, select the .torrent file you had downloaded earlier and then click on upload. You’ll get a new link of the torrent file.

Copy the link to somewhere else eg. Notepad.

Now, you need to register here. Registration is completely free.

Verify your email address (Check your email inbox and click on the link sent by the site). You might not be able to enjoy all the facilities without verifying your email address.  Log in to the site. Remember the earlier link we had copied to the notepad? Now, copy that link and paste it on the site (See the picture) :

Click on “Get”.

Click on “Initiate bittorrent transmission”.

You’ll see something similar to the above picture. Do not forget to put checkmark on the radio button. Once the file gets transferred to the server, you’ll receive an email alert.

As you can see, 12.5% of the file has already been downloaded by the server. You just need to wait for some time, you’ll be notified once the transfer completes. The transfer might take a lot of time depending upon the traffic on the website. For example, at some point, the status was “Queuing” because the server must have received lots of requests. According to the site, smaller files are given more priority.

You do not need to wait for the transmission of every file though. Those torrents which have already been transferred to the server in the past two weeks, will be available immediately after you click the “Initiate BitTorrent Transmission” button. For instance, I had put the link of the torrent of “The Ox-Bow Incident” and it had provided me the download link almost instantly.

Once it shows the “Available” status, click on the link. You’ll see something similar to this :

On this page, choose the file that you want to download. The file I wanted to download was “The.Ox.Bow.Incident…avi”, so I clicked on it.

Voila! Direct download has begun! Enjoy.

PS. You should start downloading your file within 24 hours after the transmission of it to the server or else, it will be removed.

By the way, the earlier .torrent file of “Big Buck Bunny” was available within 5 minutes.  As I said before, the time taken for transmission depends on the server load.

Big Buck Bunny is a free movie available on The download link of The Ox-Bow incident was used for illustration purpose only. None of the files have been actually downloaded. This tutorial is meant for educational purpose, what you wish to do is up to you. We take no responsibility.