As a heavy web surfer there are times when I get angry upon little things that confuse and annoy me while I’m browsing the web. One of such thing that occurs a lot is opening the wrong tab on my browser. Yes, you heard it right!

I always have multiple tabs (20+) open on Google Chrome so that nothing but the favicon of the pages is visible. I guess many of you do the same as well. Research for blog ideas, go through several of the favorite website and off course chat with your friends along the way.  And before you realise, you have so many tabs open on the browser that you can’t get back to the correct site without stumbling upon a few incorrect tabs. It’s obvious if the two sites are different. Suppose you have 20 different sites open on your browser, in that case, by looking at the favicons , you’d know which tab it is that you want to go to. But, what if some of those 20 sites are same?

Let’s consider this scenario : You are writing a code on the script editor of Google Spreadsheet. You have another five spreadsheets open (on separate tabs), one of which is to check the result of your codes, and the other four you are using as a reference. You get into some trouble and need to google for the solution. How do you get back to the correct tab without  hitting some incorrect ones? An obvious answer would be to drag the tab to the far end so that it would be the first tab. That way you could get into the correct tab without having to remember anything. But this solution does not always work especially if you are working with two or more things on your browser.

It is at this time that you start opening the wrong tabs, not knowing, where the site you are looking for resides. Here’s an easy solution for you : Install the Tab Edit add-on for Google Chrome. Tab Edit add-on lets you edit the Text and Favicon of a particular tab.

Custom Favicon and Text on Google Chrome Tab

Open up the installation page, click on Add to Chrome and you’d have it installed on your browser in no time. Once installed, you can easily mark the important tabs by changing their favicon. When you are on an important page, which you are sure to return to, click on the Tab Edit icon just beside the URL bar and then either enter a new text or select a new favicon. You can also input a custom favicon URL.

Now, you’d get to the correct tab without having to stumble upon the incorrect ones. An alternative to Tab Edit is the I hate your favicon add-on but it does not let you change the text on the tab.

 Sadly, I could not find a similar add-on for Mozilla and Opera browser.

Update : 05/10/2013 – Found something similar for FireFox users – FireTitle Add-on.