F.B. Purity is a nice elegant browser extension that cleans up your Facebook homepage by allowing you to customize Facebook anyway you want.

F.B. Purity manages to do everything that you can ask for! – Block posts from pages, apps, questions, quizzes, annoying games from your news feed, and all the other things that you don’t care about, like “liking” and “friending” from showing up. You can block the annoying “someone you might know?” box as well. Tired of seeing all those annoying ads? Yep, you can make them go away.

Custom text filters also allow you to block all the mention of a particular word on Facebook. If you are not a big fan of the new Timeline, F.B. Purity can reformat it to a less confusing single column layout.

Another most useful thing is that you don’t have to go through an app to read what your friends are reading. FBP lets you go directly to the news article, this means what you read wont show up in other peoples tickers or newsfeed, and you wont get hassled with the news organisations application page wanting you to add the application every time you click a news article link.

Lastly, if you want to, you can always view the hidden content with a click of a mouse.

Features of FBP.

  • F.B. Purity can be used to display the Timeline in a single column
  • Hide “Read an Article” / “Trending Articles” / “Trending Videos” / Facebook Actions + Frictionless Sharing App stories
  • Fixes news article links that redirect via Facebook applications
  • Hide Facebook Questions
  • Restore Facebook’s old Comment system, where pressing Enter or Return adds a new line
  • Lets you force Facebook to sort your newsfeed by “Most Recent” stories first
  • Hide the News Ticker / Hide the Chat Interface
  • Change the Font Size and Font and Background Colours
  • Application Whitelist
  • Extras Blacklist
  • Custom Text Filter
  • Hide the following boxes from the right hand side of your Facebook Homepage : Suggestions Box (People you may know, Featured, Find Friends, Find More Friends, Friend Finder), Sponsored Box (Ads), Get Connected Box (aka Connect with Friends), Poke Box, Events Box
  • Block Applications Directly From Your News Stream
  • Import and Export your F.B Purity Settings
  • Set Custom CSS Rules
  • Delete Friend Request Button

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