Some days back, I noticed two sites that had copied my posts, and in a very stupid way too. The guide/articles were completely ripped off, without making any changes to images either; they were linking to my own images with the watermark still showing up. Luckily, there’s this thing called Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) , which I don’t think the culprits have any idea about. Otherwise, they would not have copied my post in the first place.

It wouldn’t have been a big issue had I not read about the horror stories on other blogs where the authors claimed that they had lost ranking to copied articles. ( I don’t understand why this takes place, since Google is intelligent enough to distinguish between the original and copied work). Anyways, I didn’t want the same to occur to me or my blog, so I decided to take the step to request DMCA takedown of the unauthorized articles. Of the two blogs that had copied my posts, one was hosted on Blogger and the other one on This guide will specifically deal with reporting copyright infringement to It is important to remember that this only applies to sites that are hosted on the servers. Just because a site uses WordPress as the blogging platform does not mean that they are on the servers. is a service provided by the guys at Automattic. So, obviously you have to report copyright infringement to them.

Go here to send  the DMCA notice.

Scroll a little down and fill up the form with appropriate information.

As shown above, give the link to your original posts which were copied and then write something about it.

Give the link of the post where your article has been copied. Provide the post link rather than the primary URL of the blog.

Sign the notice and then submit it.

Wait for WordPress to take down the posts in question. I had to wait for about 4 days. You’ll receive an automated email to your email address (the one that you’ve provided while filling the DMCA form) once the request has been processed by There should not be any problem if your DMCA notice was appropriate.