Ever wondered if you could convert those un-resumable downloads to resumable ones? Tired of using torrents and want to download files directly? If yes, then you’re saved. I have got a method for you which lets you download files directly from a FTP server – a fully resumable!

By using this method you can get files from most of the file sharing networks directly. This method is not only limited to download files from file sharing networks, you can use it to keep backup of your site and store files online as well.

The method is quite simple. You wouldn’t actually be getting the file from that particular file sharing network. What I am basically saying is that, the file that you want to download will first be grabbed by a separate site to their server and then you can direct download that file from that server to your own computer. The server that is going to grab your files for you has a pretty decent internet speed, so you don’t have to worry about the process taking time. So, let’s start off.

Go to https://www.adrive.com/login/signup

There are different plans available. Besides the Basic plan other cost money. So, on the drop down list saying “Please select your plan”, choose “Basic – Free”. The basic plan gives you the ability to store 50 Gb worth of files on their server. That is plenty, in my opinion. Even if you run out of space, you can always delete the earlier files to make space for the new ones.

Enter the required information on the signup page and validate your account.

Now, get the link of the file you want to download. Remember, the link should contain the address of the file including the extension. Though you can do this on megaupload files, I don’t think this works for every file sharing sites since many redirect you to an html page or do not show the actual link of the files.

Login to your adrive account and click on Transfer Remote File.

Enter the link of the file on the empty field and click on Retrieve.

Let it complete. It won’t take much time. An 800 Mb file normally takes around 8-10 minutes to get downloaded by the server. Don’t close the window or browser while the server is grabbing the file.

After the transfer is complete, you’ll be redirected to the file manager.

Right click on your file, you’ll see similar stuff on your screen :

Now click on Download to begin downloading.

The download can be paused and resumed. But, if you try to pause it for longer period and try resuming again, it might not resume. So, you need to have Internet Download Manager (IDM) installed on your computer. With this software, you’ll be able to resume at anytime.

You can get it from here (Free): http://www.internetdownloadmanager.com

Install the program. Remember to install the browser extension as well or it won’t work. Web-browser extension is automatically installed while installing the program. This software will download the files from adrive after you click on the “download” button.

Let us suppose you paused your download for a longer time. You’ll see something similar to the following picture, if you try resuming after pausing for a long time on IDM.

All you’ve got to do now is right click on the particular file and click on Refresh download address.

IDM will then show a similar notification. Don’t click on stop waiting. Leave it like that.


Head over to your adrive account. Right click on that particular file to resume and click on Download. You’ll see something like this:


Press on Ok. Click on Resume download and it will resume.


That’s it. You can transfer backups of your site, files, softwares or anything else on adrive and direct -download it later easily.