How did Cloud Computing affect everybody’s work and life balance?

Work is now taking on a different direction with companies becoming more flexible with their employees and business operations. Many business owners are allowing work-from-home arrangements and are utilizing the cloud to allow further mobility for their employees. Cloud computing has changed the way people do work and it has directly affected their work and life balance. read more

In-depth Look At Continued Growth Of Cloud Storage

As humans, we like to accumulate stuff. As we collect, we have to find more and more space to store all of it. The same principles apply with our personal computers. We spend hours gathering information to store on our hard drives until lack of space becomes a real challenge. Then we’re forced to upgrade the hard drives or invest in external storage devices. Those who cannot afford to purchase extra drives, wipe out old files only to free up space for storing new information. Today, there’s an upward growth in using cloud storage to store data simply because we need more space. read more

Cloud Storage – Helping you Access Data via Multiple Devices

Cloud storage has distinct advantages that no one will deny, but the issues some raise are about accessing stored data with multiple devices.  Some of the problems you may encounter come when files are stored in one version and access has to be done on a different computer where the OS may be different. Cloud storage itself is a technological development of the recent past. It may be years before everything is perfected and made flawless to the core. read more