How email marketing could benefit you

Email marketing is rapidly becoming one of the most effective and popular marketing methods deployed by all kinds of companies, whether large or small. One reason for this is it is relatively easy to implement. Massive companies with hundreds and thousands of customers on their client base can reach each and every one of them almost instantaneously. Plus, when tailored correctly, email marketing can be made to feel very personal to the customer, instantly boosting the status of the company. Customers begin to feel they are valued and that the company really care about them. read more

Google Easter Eggs

People picture a nerd with glasses, freckled face and without any liking to “fun”, when they think of programmers. But, they love fun and are as normal as you and I. The fun they put in their codes are called “Easter eggs”. They are hidden features put by the programmers without any official announcement, left for the users to find out. Programmers at Google, are a fine example. They sneaked in both officially and secretly some Easter eggs or what we like to call “Google Eggs” in their eye hurting codes of programs and apps we use EVERYDAY!, read more

How did Cloud Computing affect everybody’s work and life balance?

Work is now taking on a different direction with companies becoming more flexible with their employees and business operations. Many business owners are allowing work-from-home arrangements and are utilizing the cloud to allow further mobility for their employees. Cloud computing has changed the way people do work and it has directly affected their work and life balance. read more

Turning LinkedIn Contacts to Leads

Most of the small to medium scale businesses find it difficult to create and manage a full-fledged social media marketing campaign. As a start-up, most of us are busy looking into the day-to-day functioning of our business, employee issues, salaries and deliverables. Devoting enough time, resources or energy into creating a good social media marketing campaign becomes very difficult. But these days, majority of small to medium scale businesses are using LinkedIn to improve the reach of their businesses. read more

In-depth Look At Continued Growth Of Cloud Storage

As humans, we like to accumulate stuff. As we collect, we have to find more and more space to store all of it. The same principles apply with our personal computers. We spend hours gathering information to store on our hard drives until lack of space becomes a real challenge. Then we’re forced to upgrade the hard drives or invest in external storage devices. Those who cannot afford to purchase extra drives, wipe out old files only to free up space for storing new information. Today, there’s an upward growth in using cloud storage to store data simply because we need more space. read more

Cloud Storage – Helping you Access Data via Multiple Devices

Cloud storage has distinct advantages that no one will deny, but the issues some raise are about accessing stored data with multiple devices.  Some of the problems you may encounter come when files are stored in one version and access has to be done on a different computer where the OS may be different. Cloud storage itself is a technological development of the recent past. It may be years before everything is perfected and made flawless to the core. read more

Simple Twitter/Facebook connect shows Gravatar instead of profile avatar?

Simple Twitter Connect and Simple Facebook connect are two very useful plugins which let you integrate Twitter and Facebook modules into your WordPress site. One of these modules let users to comment on your WordPress site by logging in through Twitter or Facebook.  If you are new to these plugins, you might have encountered a particular issue, where instead of the profile pictures of Facebook or Twitter being shown beside the comment, Gravatar or default WordPress avatar is shown. This problem, however, does not occur in all the themes, especially the ones where the creator has properly passed the comment as a whole object. read more

Is your Feedburner showing 0 subscribers?

I had noticed yesterday that my Feedburner was showing zero subscribers. It had happened before so I was not mad or anything since it used to get fixed within minutes. When I woke up today to check the Feedburner stats, it was still showing zero subscribers. I wondered if it was only me who was facing the issue, but seems like everyone else is having the same problem as well. read more