Blogging Pays

I have decided to introduce a new blogging section where I can post my experiences with blogging and also, give tips related to it. So, this is the first post on the series of many more blogging related articles yet to come. I wished to talk about earning opportunity at first, because, frankly, there’s no better way to start this section as most of the people start blogging with an aim to make money online. So, I hope the “money making opportunity” will act as  an encouraging factor for you to start/continue blogging. read more

Co.CC Alternatives – Similar Free Domain Registrars

It’s been days since Co.CC has shut down and obviously, people have started looking for a better alternative. Here I have made a list of free domain registration services that can act as an alternative to Co.CC. All of the free domains suggested here are indexed by Google as of the moment of making this post. So, you don’t need to worry about not ranking on search engine. But, we can’t be sure what will happen at a later date. Facebook, however, could have blocked multiple of them. read more

Co.CC closes down without warning – Users locked out of their own site

The ever popular Co.CC company which provided free as well as paid Co.CC domains has closed down, without giving any warning to the customers. All the Co.CC domains are currently down and can no longer be accessed. Co.CC had stopped accepting new users some time before they closed down. Users were used to be greeted with a message saying “A new domain cannot be registered” . read more

Efficient Ways to Optimize Your Blog for Google Rankings

A professional blogger knows that running a successful blog depends on the search rankings and traffic density. Just because a blog receives many comments and is highly regarded by those who read it, it does not mean that the blog is search engine optimized to its full potential. If a blog ranks highly in the search engines or receives a substantial amount of traffic, then efforts should be focused elsewhere such as social media marketing. read more

Free Ways to Drive Traffic to Your E-Commerce Websites

Developing and maintaining an E-Commerce site demands hard work and perseverance. Whether you have been running a website for some time already or are only now entering the competitive world of online sales, there is no shortcut to success. The sheer amount of competition in the market, where thousands of E-Commerce websites are jostling against each other for space and patronage, makes it difficult for E-Commerce websites rank high on any search engine. read more

Things to avoid while optimizing your site for Search Engines

Webmasters spend a lot of their time and money in optimizing their websites and blogs to get them ranked on the first page of search engine’s organic search results. On the flip side, search engines exist on the web with a goal to provide natural and veritable search results to the user. Search engines serve as a medium through which users can interact with the Internet, or in other words, search engines are doorways through which one can enter and browse the Internet. From finding virtual web addresses to locating keyword relevant links, search engines are used for an array of web-related purposes. Collectively receiving more than one billion search queries daily, Bing, Google, and Yahoo are the most visited search engines across the globe.  read more