I just learned about this Android app called CashOnAd which is suprisingly, home-made (when I say home-made, I mean made in Nepal). It is suprising because it deals with something not so popular in our country – making money through an unconventional way. What it does is let you watch video advertisements whenever you receive a call, and for each 6 seconds of video advertisement that you watch, you will earn 1 cent (~1 NPRupees at current rate). That does not sound much, but at least its something, I guess.

CashOnAd is developed by Shiran Technologies Pvt. Ltd. which has also developed lots of other local apps for Android. According to them, CashOnAd is one-of-its-kind and was developed in order to make digital advertisement effective.

Once you have installed the application, you can either register for a new account, or login with your existing Facebook account. Then go to Options > Edit Profile and fill appropriate information on the text fields. Then you’re good to go. Whenever you are connected to internet and you receive a call, video advertisements will automatically start playing on top of the call. You will not hear your default ringtone, but the audio contained in the advertisement. You need to wait & watch the video for 6 seconds and then proceed to picking up the call. You only need to wait and watch the video for 6 seconds if you wish to make money (In order to make money, you have to pick up the call after 6 seconds. Rejecting call or ignoring it, after watching the ad, won’t increase your earning.) If you don’t wish to make money off of it, you can just pickup or reject the call, without having to wait.

Cash On Ad Main

CashOnAd Balance      CashOnAd app

Go to options and select “sync” to update your earning. In order to keep track of your earning, you need to do it at least once every day when you are connected to the internet.

As you might have already guessed, you need to be connected to Internet to watch the video advertisements. When you are not connected to Internet, the default ringtone will be played and the video advertisement won’t appear. (See Update Below) Being connected to GPRS won’t work since when you receive a call, GPRS stops working. So, you need to be on WiFi or 3G. 3G charges for watching each video advertisement might be more than the money you make by watching it (~1 Rs.). So, I’m not sure how reasonable or practical it is for us Nepalese. However, the company behind the app is not targeting Nepalese only. The app is also targeted for international users which is why there is an option to withdraw the earnings via PayPal as well (PayPal and eSewa are the supported payment gateways as of now.) $1 is the minimum payout amount mentioned on the app.

Also, although the concept is new and original, I don’t know how good it is. I mean, would you really like your phone to start playing random ads while you are on public? or while you are with your friends, relatives? Wouldn’t it be too annoying? Not to mention the kind of ads that will get played. I guess we don’t have to worry about that since public WiFi is rare thing  in our country, but what about those countries with 24×7 connectivity? Would not that be a big turn-off for users of such countries?

There have been 5,000-10,000 installs of the app already. Unfortunately, it didn’t work properly on my mobile (it worked on my friends’). Whenever I receive a call, I would hear the audio play but the video wouldn’t work and after some time I would get  a message saying “Sorry, this video cannot be played”. As I said, that’s a problem with my phone & not the app, so give it a try on yours, it should work.

May it get lots of positive reviews and be a success, after all it is made in Nepal.

Update : The app actually downloads the videos when you are connected to WiFi and stores it on your mobile. So that, you can see the advertisement even when you are not connected to Internet.

What do you think of the app or its concept? Share your views by commenting below!

Reference : http://www.nagariknews.com/economy/consumer/story/6785