Last time we had talked about a service developed by a Nepali company which allowed users to make money every time their cell phone rang. This time also, we have got a service, which is developed in Nepal and can make you money not just for picking up calls, but for viewing SMS’ as well. It is somewhat different, however.

Update : CashMyAd does not work anymore.

On some foreign countries, there are sites and services wherein you submit your cell number, and for every SMS ad and voice ad they send to you, you receive cash in return. The same has been brought into Nepal. CashMyAd is the product of Skrill Holdings Pvt Ltd. based in Nepal. It was released a week ago by the company.

“Cash My AD is a next generation advertising platform that provides advertisers to brand their product to targeted audience on the form of text and voice with the revenue sharing to audience by viewing or listening Mobile Text ADs as well as Voice Ads too.”


What it means is, as an user you have to signup on CashMyAd by providing your mobile phone number and other necessary details. By registering yourself on the site, you allow CashMyAd to send you voice/text ads. You might receive them from anywhere between 7 am – 8 pm. When you receive a call from a US number, it is highly likely that you will hear an ad of some sort. You’d have to pick up the call and hear the ad till the end in order for your earnings to increase. Or, if its an SMS, you’d have to view the SMS sent from the shortcode “CashMyAd”. Your earnings will be different for every voice ads or text ads you view, as they will be based on the length and type of the ads. According to the company, you might earn anywhere between¬†$0.0050 to $0.05 (per ad).

CashMyAd Homepage

If you are an advertiser, you need to upload your ad on the site, and pay certain fee depending upon how long the text is or the duration of voice ad. Then the ad is automatically sent to the registered users on CashMyAd. The interface of CashMyAd is very user friendly, and gives both the opportunity to advertise as well as make money. An audience can make use of the same earning, and put something up as an advertisement as well.

You’ll need to make at least $1 in order to withdraw the earning. Currently payments are only sent via local bank transfer or PayPal. You can check your balance online by logging in to the website.

Also, if you wish to cancel your account or put it in DND (Do Not Disturb) Mode or just pause the service, you will need to submit a ticket to the help desk. Note however that your earning will negate completely when you cancel your account.

The company is giving away $0.10 as welcome bonus to early birds. So, you might want to join it right now and start making off some money!

CashMyAd | Facebook Page of CashMyAd 
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