Sorry for not being able to update the blog for the last two months. I hope to post regularly now onward.

Also, we will now be covering useful tools and websites which have not received proper recognition. The one we will be talking about on this post is It is a relatively new site (according to their Twitter, they have been live since 26 June, 2013). As you might have made out from the title already, it lets you build combined playlists using YouTube videos and Soundcloud videos (or audios). It is completely free and as of the moment of making this post, you are not interrupted with any kind of ads while you’re listening to a playlist.

SoundScape To Build Playlists of YouTube and SoundCloud

Soundcloud and YouTube are both my favorites and an ability to create playlists by combining videos from the two does seem appealing to me. The best thing about SoundScape is that you don’t need to create any account to use it. You just enter a name for your new playlist, choose a password so that the playlist is editable for people with the password only, and finally paste the YouTube/Soundcloud link of the songs. You have to remember the playlist URL and you can head over to it directly.¬†You can also share the URL with your friends along with the password and then they’ll be able to add new songs to the playlist. If you like someone’s playlist, you have the ability to copy it as well.

Keyboard shortcuts can be used to control the playlist with your keyboard. Pressing the spacebar, let’s you pause or play the current song, while N and P keys let you skip to the next song, or return back to the previous one, respectively.