Boom Boom Boom! is a webapp for your party.

What does it do?

Boom Boom Boom! throws up animations, text photos, graphics and different effects. You can use your mobile or keyboard to control it, or you can play the music and let the graphics change on its own.

To test it, you can play a music on your mobile, put it near your computer’s microphone, and the graphics should change on its own. You don’t need to use your keyboard (although using keyboard, you can throw up several other text photos that just don’t appear when you leave it to play in time with the music.)

Boom Boom Boom!

It’s a fun app and particularly useful in parties. In fact, its author puts it as an audio visualisations app to brighten up parties all over the world.

According to the author, it uses the Web Audio API to analyse audio from the mic, Web-Sockets on a Node.js server to handle device—desktop interaction, and CSS3 and Two.js to control visuals.

Now go on, give it a try:  Boom Boom Boom! (You need Google Chrome for it to work.)

PS. The domain name seems difficult to memorize? Just remember that there’s three repetitions of each letter in the word BOOM. B repeated three times, O repeated three times, and the same with remaining O and M.