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Blogging Pays

I have decided to introduce a new blogging section where I can post my experiences with blogging and also, give tips related to it. So, this is the first post on the series of many more blogging related articles yet to come. I wished to talk about earning opportunity at first, because, frankly, there's no better way to start this section as most of the people start blogging with an aim to make money online. So, I hope the "money making opportunity" will act as  an encouraging factor for you to start/continue blogging.

It has been more than a year since I started blogging here. As I have mentioned above, most of the people start a blog in order to make some bucks online. I was not an exception. I too, wanted it just like some of you do right now.  But, let me tell you this : it's not easy. To make a decent amount of earning, you need lots of hard work, patience and the will to carry on.

How do you make money through blogs?

There are several ways to earn through blogs, the most popular of which is to show advertisements. What does that mean? Well, just like in television, where television channels are paid by companies to show advertisement related to their products, blog owners are paid by different advertisement networks to show their ads. You can either use advertisement networks, or sell advertisement spots directly from your blog. Google Adsense is the most popular advertisement network among blog owners because it pays higher compared to others. I won't go into details of its working, but you can always google to learn more about it.

Affiliate Marketing

The next way to make money is through affiliate marketing. Sounds difficult? Well, it is very easy to understand actually. You take commissions from companies for bringing in customers, that's it. Here's an example : On this particular article, I have made a list of WordPress themes that are suitable for a tech blog. Each of the links point the users to buy the theme. The links are of special kind, though. When someone clicks on the link on that post and buys a theme, I get paid a certain percentage of it. Why? Because I got them customers. And for doing that, they pay me commission. We are acting as a middleman to connect customers to companies, and we get paid for that.

Sponsored posts are another source of income for a blogger. Sponsored posts are different from regular posts, in the sense that you allow someone to promote their service/business/site. If your site has good reputation, social reach and ranks well on the search engines, businesses/companies/individuals may contact you to promote their services for certain fee. What's the benefit to them for doing that? Well, when you post about  their services, they get to reach out to your fan base, which means they are likely to get customers. Furthermore, as you have posted about it, random visitors will also be encouraged to buy that product. You also link to the,, which brings in another benefit for them : reputation. If your blog, which ranks good on search engines, links back to their site, there is increase in their site's reputation as well (depends on dofollow/nofollow links, which we won't get into right now).

You have to be careful while making sponsored posts, however and need to set yourself a certain set of rules to follow. You have to make sure that the site or service you are promoting is okay to be promoted. I had an opportunity once to write about a sponsored post related to a gambling site, and the fee was quite high compared to what I used to charge at that time, but I declined the offer. Why? Because first, this blog is not in anyway related to gambling. I have to keep the blog healthy and maintain its reputation by posting about the topics it is concerned about.  Secondly, it's against Google Adsense's policy to post about gambling sites.

So, you need to put your site first, and think about what you need to do in order to maintain its reputation, before you can think of making an income.

How much can you make?

When it comes to making money through blogs, sky is the limit. That's right - your earning depends on your hard work.

Adsense Earnings

The above picture shows my Adsense earning till now. It lacks the earning for the month of February, which was about $200. Including the adsense earnings and earnings from sponsored posts, I have made around $1000 till now. Some may find that earning good enough, but some may not. I make $200-$300 each month, and although I am content with it, I strive to work harder and eventually increase it.

If you take a closer look at the picture, you notice that the earnings start from October. It has been more than a year and a half since I started blogging, yet the earnings are getting reported from last October only. Why is that? Because, I put the ads since October.

What's the point of saying it, you ask? Its to point out to you that putting ads does not mean you will make money.

More visitors = More Earning

I have seen newbies put ads immediately after they start a website . That's not what I would suggest you to do. Why? Because you are still missing the most important thing required to make money : visitors to your blog. Remember, a blog is supposed to be viewed by many people if you are to make money through it. The more people see it, the more your earnings are.

You start a site in order to make money. You dream of getting rich some day and what do you do? You put ads on your site. But, without any visitors, there's no use of putting the ads there.

So, what you need to do at first after starting a site, is to post quality contents. Don't think of anything else. Put your dream of making money aside and think how you can improve your blog's quality first.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Blogging pays good, but it takes time, even years. You can't expect to make money from a blog in a month or so.
  • Don't compromise your site for your earnings. Try to see far beyond the money at hand. You may not have that much money right now, but if you work properly, you'll have loads and loads of it in near future.
  • Put your site first before money. Keep your dream to make money aside. Do not put ads on your site immediately after you start one. Put ads on a site, after you get consistent visitors in the range of 500 or after you are sure that its about time. To apply for Google Adsense from South Asia, your site  has to be at least six months old. Wait. Patience is an important trait of a blogger.
  • Do not copy content from others. Do not follow any black hat techniques to rank better on search engines, they don't last long and you are destined to fail if you use them.
  • Do not lose hope. If you follow the correct way, sooner or later, you will succeed.

That's about it.

I used to think  the same way some of you do right now, that I would make lots of money through my blog. But, once you do start making money, you begin to realize that you don't just blog for it. You blog for the sake of blogging. You blog, because you love to do it. With the change in times, blogging, which started as an hobby, has turned out to be a passion of mine.

 This article is sort of an introduction. I will be posting related guides soon enough. Stay tuned.

Image courtesy : By Pvdkerk (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons 
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    • Hi Shashank,

      I had posted about 50-60 articles before I started monetizing from the site. I would suggest you to do the same as well, because Adsense denies your application if there's not much content on the blog. When you have at least 50 posts, you should be okay, though. Take note of the visitors as well; just because your blog has 50 posts, does not mean you will get visitors to your blog. You should think of monetizing only after the daily visit stats reaches in the range of 500 or over.

      • Ae okay i will keep that things in mind. By the way in above post your earnings are slightly decreased from the December till January. To increase earnings what should we do avobe sentence "I strive to work harder and eventually increase it." what does it mean...and what you do to increase earnings even more..can u share with me ??

        • Shashank, there's no guarantee that your earnings will go on increasing each month. You cannot be sure that you will get a fixed number of clicks each day. However, as your site's traffic stats remain more or less the same, you can only hope that the earnings remain within a fixed range (in my case, $200-$300).

          To increase your earnings, you have to post quality contents regularly. The more quality contents you have, the more the visitors. And the more the visitors, the more the clicks. As the clicks increases so does your earning. As I have told in the post, it took me a year and a half before I started making this much money, so it will take me a year, or perhaps even more to earn double that amount. So, by the sentence that you quoted above, I meant to say that I would continue on posting quality contents and rank better on search engines. But, as you may or may not have noticed, I have not been able to post much articles lately because there's something else on my mind right now. I would however get back into it soon.

          Bottomline : You should not expect your earnings to go on increasing each month. It fluctuates. And that's one of the main reasons why people believe blogging cannot be a full time job. However, I disagree with this. If you work properly, blogging does bring you income that stays within a particular range. So, although, it fluctuates, you can be pretty sure that as long as you keep on putting your effort, it will get to a higher range at some point.

          • Thanks for the info , I am also going to way 2 years and continue posting quality contents. The Problem is my blog is not getting indexed and not even ranked till now.. and its almost 2 weeks i opened my domian

          • Join Google Webmaster Tools and submit your blog's sitemap. Also, use URL submission services to submit your site to several search engines and website statistic analyzing services. You should see the changes in a few days.

  1. I tried all regularly submitting site maps is done and everything is fine just it is not ranked yet why i couldn't know..even webmaster tools is working fine no problem detected till now. Bro Once you check out mine. I had kept blog in website section when commenting here.

    • Your site is new, and your articles are barely a week old. It takes time for new articles/blogs to get indexed. However, some of your posts have already been indexed. Take a look here. Regarding the ranking, you do not rank better on search engines immediately after starting a site.

      • Ae okay bro.. But lately my other blog already got pr0 rank directly after submisson to google which hadnt even 1 single article. @ www dot the begineers blog dot com

  2. Blogging really pays. I have been paid by Google Adsense since 2 years.

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