This post specifically deals with handling the links on author bio so that guest authors won’t get a do-follow link back to their site and thus, won’t be able to misuse it. I couldn’t find any plugin that accomplished this task. Therefore, you have to manually look for the code that puts information on the author box and then edit it. You’ll need to have a little bit of knowledge of Php or HTML.

A do-follow attribute tells the search engine bot (such as Google’s) to follow the mentioned link. As a result, some of the SEO benefits get transferred to the site the link is pointing to. For instance, a do-follow link is what helps you gain PageRank for your site. It transfers the ‘link juice’ to the site the link is pointing to.

A normal link such as the one above is considered a do-follow link.

However, a link with a nofollow attribute tells the Search Engine not to crawl the site and thus, link juice do not get transferred to that site. You will be simply pointing to the site, without having to transfer any of your hard earned SEO benefits over to those sites. An example of a no-follow link :

Pointing to suspicious sites with a dofollow attribute or having too much of dofollow links on your site is not recommended. Doing so might get you penalized by search engines.

One particular area where you might need to disable do-follow attribute on links is the author bio area. Suppose you have enabled guest posts on your site and you don’t want your guest authors to have a do-follow link pointing back to their site, because maybe you’re not sure about their site’s reputation, or you don’t want to transfer your site’s link juice that easily. If that is the case, here’s how you can do it.

If you allow guest authors then you must have some kind of Author box plugin installed. You’ll need to make changes on the coding. Go to the editor and look for the concerned author box plugin’s coding. In my case, my theme has an author box available on its own, so I had to make changes to the auth-bio.php page. If you are using a plugin, you have to go to it’s page and make the changes.

Take a look at the highlighted texts, I’ve just replaced those to make the links no-follow.

Currently, it contains the following codes :

Earlier, it was like this :

You can make out the differences yourself. Instead of posting all the author information, I’ve made some changes so that some texts are replaced by the others.

str_replace  searches for a particular text and then replaces it. It’s syntax is as follows :

So, we are using str_replace to simply search the author description and replace all the href with rel=”nofollow” href . Then at last, we are posting the information.

  For example, if a link is as follows :

It will automatically get converted to this :

That is what you’ll need to do as well. Search for the part from where the author bio texts are being echoed, and then edit them with the coding similar to the one above. Don’t forget to replace the $the_author_description at the end with proper author bio source.

Good Luck.

You can use plugins such as Ultimate Nofollow and Nofollow for external link to convert other external links on your site to nofollow attribute.