Android OS: This operating system is developed by Google. It’s a Linux based OS proposed mainly for touchscreen mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and phablets. The versions of this OS are :


Android 1.5



Android 1.6



Android 2.1



Android 2.2



Android (2.3 – 2.3.7)



Android 3.1



Android 4.0

Ice cream sandwich


Android 4.1

Jelly Bean (latest)


The Android device is very sophisticated in design among other gadgets. Its specifications vary from one version to other. Its stipulations include the UI (user interface) which is enhanced in a secured way without giving a scope for hacker’s for jail breaking. The display is very simple, smooth, striking and advanced with dual home screen mode. The devices work rapidly fast both usage and connectivity wise. It’s designed with rich multimedia, new customs of communication and enrichments for gaming. The android features are upgraded to be more responsive than earlier versions. The front and rear cam appear very polished viewing stunning photos & providing the HD feature in recording videos for hours together. Apps are the main entertainment channel in this device. Nearly 10,000 apps are featured out of where few are free and hardly any are downloadable ones from the android or Amazon app stores or Google play. They are easy to download and install. With the apps you can make your work done in a cool way. Various apps include the business apps like, evernote to manage your expenditures and several other voice apps to aid & keep you engaged all the time.

IOS: It’s the Apple’s mobile OS previously called the iPhone OS designed only for the Apple devices. It comes in many versions like :


Preliminary OS

Premier supported OS


iOS 1.0

iOS 3.1.3

iPhone 3G

iOS 2.0

iOS 4.2.1

iPhone 3GS

iOS 3.0

iOS 6

iPhone 4

GSM-iOS 4.0,

CDMA- iOS 4.2.5

iOS 6

iPhone 4S

iOS 5.0

iOS 6

iPhone 5

iOS 6.0

iOS 6


The display of the iPhone is designed in an elegant way with a maximum screen resolution. It’s scratch resistant. It comprises of A6 processor with durable battery life. The front and back cameras with black illuminated sensor gives a great quality picture. iPhone is so handy and convenient to carry and sustain. The audio-visual aid is simply outstanding. YouTube is always an open source in iPhone features updates of the latest videos. ‘Siri’ is the personal assistant in this device which drives you utterly to the startling world. Numerous remarkable apps are asset to iPhone which makes you worth owning.


Despite of devising many features, the latest iPhone5 didn’t score a worthy appellation in the smartphone market. So, it’s now your seizure to select upon the best. Be prepared with budget or go for some day cash loans to meet the expense of the mobile phone you desire to have.

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