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Receive Google Adsense Clickbomb Alert via SMS

Google Adsense is what we and most of the webmasters as well as bloggers use as a main source of income of their blog. As its the main source, its necessary to keep track of your earnings regularly, to know that nothing bad is taking place. One of those bad things that Adsense publishers face a lot is click bombing. It is when the ads on your site are clicked repeatedly by some human or some bot, meaning there is no genuine interest on the user's side and therefore, every click generated is artificial. Artificial clicks do not help an advertiser at all.

To make sure that publishers don't abuse its program, Google has strict policies and checks in place. These checks help determine a fraud or invalid click activity and if determined, such publishers are suspended or at worst, banned.

Sometimes, even an innocent publisher, who has not engaged in performing any invalid activity might get banned.  Anybody, out of sheer hatred or jealousy, can turn your Adsense useless by click-bombing your site and believe it or not, it happens a lot! In such cases, you need to approach Google with proper traffic details, server logs in order to prove to them that your site has been a victim of click-bombing.  The sooner you report it to Google, the better your chances of not losing your account.

How easy would it be if you got an instant notification when someone click-bombed your site? That way, you could just get to your computer and make a report and be done with it. You'd be able to keep your Adsense account safe.

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Worry not, we have a method which will accomplish that. If you follow the method given below, you'd receive an SMS notification whenever the number of clicks on your adsense account crosses a limit set by you.

Note : Whatever you see here is done by me - the coding, the idea, and the whole article. If you appreciate my effort, and need to share this, please make sure to link to the original spreadsheet mentioned on this post.

Steps Involved

  • Log in to your Gmail account which is associated with your Adsense. Then, go to Google Calendar.
  • Head over to Settings > Mobile Setup. Enter your mobile number and verify it.
  • On the Clicks Limit field, enter a number. Whenever the number of clicks on your Adsense account gets equal to, or higher than this number, you will receive an SMS alert.
  • Go to Tools > Script Editor.
  • On Script Editor, select Resources > Use Google APIs.

Google API Console

  • Now click on "Google APIs Console" and a new page will open.

Adsense Management API On

  • Go to Services and click on the OFF button next to "Adsense Management API" to turn it ON. Agree to the terms.
  • Go to API Access and copy the API key given there.

Google Console API Key

  • Paste the API key on the earlier page and click on the off button next to "Adsense Management API". Make sure to select v1.3 from the drop down list. Then, click on OK. (See the image below)

Google API


  • Go to Resources > Current Project's Triggers.
  • Click on the link that says "No triggers set up. Click here to add one now."
  • Select the fields from the drop down list as shown below. I'd recommend not to use minutes timer.  Click on Save.

Project Triggers

  • You will be asked for authorization. Click on Authorize. On the next page, click on Grant Access. Once all that is done, you will need to press Save button on the triggers window once again.
  • That's it. Now onward, you will receive an SMS alert whenever the number of clicks on your adsense account gets higher than the limit you set earlier.

Note that the checks are made every hour. I had said earlier that it is good to report click bombing to Google as soon as possible, however, being an hour late does not matter. So, leave the timer the way it is.

You will receive only one SMS alert for every click-bombs in a day. For instance, if your set limit of clicks is 50, and one day you got 51 clicks then you will receive only 1 SMS that day informing you of a click bomb. You will not receive repeated SMS informing you that the clicks have increased. The report gets refreshed the next day.

Each SMS contains the following information : Number of Clicks, Pageviews, and Cost Per Click. Pageviews have been included so that you can make out whether the clicks have increased due to the sudden surge in traffic (increase in pageviews).

Let us know what you think of this method!

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    Hi Subigya, this is a great post. I approached your post by searching the post title of a blog post in a blog in which this is copied. Sounds weird, may be? But, I must say that I loved this post a lot. Can you please help me with some settings on it by implementing and checking them. I mean, we can not limit the number of clicks and it is very annoying if the page views increase. Is there a setting to limit clicks per page views or unique visitors? Let me know if it is possible. Thanks and may god bless you for the post. Thanks again,

    • Hi,

      I just checked the post you were talking about. The owner there makes it sound like he is the one who put all his effort on it, when he just ripped off my guide/codes and rewrote it. I have submitted a humble request to provide credit or I'll be reporting it to Google.

      As for your question, I didn't quite understand it. We cannot limit clicks, or page views, or unique visitors. What do you mean by 'limiting' here? Let me know.


  2. Hi Subigya,

    This is an excellent trick and I liked - how you used the adsense api with calendar. Can you create another trick to get the earning report daily via sms. I think it will be an easy task for you. It will be helpful for many.


  3. Thanks for this post, will suggest and share this with my blogger friends.

  4. Dear sir I want to ask you that if some body click in to the AdSense continuously so that time what to do ?

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