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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Subigya, this is a great post. I approached your post by searching the post title of a blog post in a blog in which this is copied. Sounds weird, may be? But, I must say that I loved this post a lot. Can you please help me with some settings on it by implementing and checking them. I mean, we can not limit the number of clicks and it is very annoying if the page views increase. Is there a setting to limit clicks per page views or unique visitors? Let me know if it is possible. Thanks and may god bless you for the post. Thanks again,


    • Subigya Nepal


      I just checked the post you were talking about. The owner there makes it sound like he is the one who put all his effort on it, when he just ripped off my guide/codes and rewrote it. I have submitted a humble request to provide credit or I’ll be reporting it to Google.

      As for your question, I didn’t quite understand it. We cannot limit clicks, or page views, or unique visitors. What do you mean by ‘limiting’ here? Let me know.



  2. Alex

    Hi Subigya,

    This is an excellent trick and I liked – how you used the adsense api with calendar. Can you create another trick to get the earning report daily via sms. I think it will be an easy task for you. It will be helpful for many.



  3. Himanshu

    Thanks for this post, will suggest and share this with my blogger friends.


  4. @MarioPiskor98

    Receive Google Adsense Clickbomb Alert via SMS #AdSense


  5. aditya bisht

    Dear sir I want to ask you that if some body click in to the AdSense continuously so that time what to do ?


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