Some days back, I was watching a british movie on YouTube, and it was quite difficult for me to understand what some of the characters were saying. At that very moment, I thought of a site I had come across earlier – It used to let users add external subtitles to Youtube videos, but seems like it has been down for some time now. So, here I have made a list of ways to add subtitles on YouTube Video that does not belong to you.

The subtitle will not be permanently embedded or hard-coded onto the YouTube video. We will be using a software or add-on which will play the caption alongside the YouTube video. Note that although this post talks about YouTube only, the methods listed below can be used on any online video streaming sites (eg. Vimeo, Putlocker, Metacafe, Dailymotion etc).

First of all, get the subtitle of the movie/video from sites such as Subscene or Opensubtitle, and then use any of the methods below.

Web Add-Ons

Google Chrome users can use this simple extension to view subtitles/captions on YouTube. Drag and Drop the .srt file on the highlighted area under the video and it will display there. It supports only .srt subtitle files as of the moment of making this post.

The only other add-on I was able to find was Video Grabber. I didn’t test it, but what it requires you to do is  install the add-on (available for both Chrome and Mozilla) and then go to Youtube/video streaming site. When you open a video on the browser, click on the icon of the Video Grabber to activate it. Once it is activated, it will automatically open the currently streaming video, on another interface, from where you can load subtitles.

Subtitle Players

Subtitle Player

Load the subtitle onto the subtitle player, and drag it over the streaming YouTube video. There are plenty of subtitle players available online. Some of my favorites are :

  • JustSubPlayer : It allows you to easily search for texts in the subtitle file, and lets you jump quickly to it. Supports .srt files only.
  • TitleDrome : The free version of TitleDrome Lite is very limited. So, try the 30 days trial of paid version instead. To move the subtitles, click on “Show borders” button on the left control box. Then drag the window.


If you know any other methods, please share it by commenting below.