If you’re not aware of it, go to your Facebook profile details, and check out the Basic info. There, you can list the languages that you know.

Basic Info from Profile

We’ve got a pretty good trick to amaze your friends by putting a custom text on Languages. To show you how we can customize it, we are going to put Visual Basic 6 as one of the languages there.

To proceed with the tutorial, you need to have Firefox installed on your computer. Even if you hate Firefox, just install it for a while; you can close it once we’re done.

Once you are on Firefox, install the Firebug add-on to your browser by clicking on Add to Firefox.

Open up Facebook and search for Visual Basic 6. You will get a list of pages. Go to any one of the pages and copy the Page ID from the URL. The page ID is the last number on the URL. (See below, it has been highlighted.)

Page ID


If the page URL is different from the one above, in the sense that you don’t see a number then you need to find out the Page ID by using a different method.

Suppose, the page URL is like this : http://www.facebook.com/ms.Visual.Basic.6 

As you can see, there’s no ID there. You just need to go to http://graph.facebook.com/ms.Visual.Basic.6, you will find the Page ID there.

Page ID From Facebook Graph

After you get the Facebook Page ID, go to your Facebook timeline, click on Update Info and then click on Edit button beside the Basic Info.

Now, right click on the Languages text box and select Inspect Element with Firebug.

Inspect Element with Firebug

Once Firebug opens, search for one of the texts that you have on your Languages. See below. Notice I’ve searched for English, which is listed on my Languages in the above picture. (I could have searched for Nepali and Hindi as well.)

Search Firebug

Take a proper look at the above picture. You should notice that the text clearfix is highlighted above. When you search for a language, you should make sure that the result are on the clearfix tab, and not any others. If while searching, you get to other tabs, keep on searching (by pressing Enter) till you get to the clearfix tab. Once on Clearfix, click on the number beside value and paste the page ID that you got from the steps above.

Right after pasting the page ID there, click the Save button on Basic Info.

Basic Info

Check out your Basic Info, Visual Basic 6 will be listed there instead of English.