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Adbrite Alternatives

As you guys might be well aware, Adbrite, one of the alternatives to Google Adsense, has ceased operations since February 1st. At this point, many of you might be looking for some alternatives that pay good enough compared to Adbrite. Here I have made a list of probable alternatives to Adbrite.

Media.Net is a CPM ad-network, although it does seem to pay on the basis of CPC as well. This ad-network is suitable to those of you who get huge number of visitors from US, UK and Canada. Earlier, the site only used to count visits from those three countries as valid impressions. However, recently it has partnered with Yahoo and Bing! to launch Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads program and since then, visits from all the countries seem to be counted as valid impressions. But still, those three countries will get you higher pay. They have two payment methods available : Wire Transfer and PayPal. The minimum payout threshold is $100. I have read that they are very strict regarding the sites they accept into their ads program, but I got into the program easily and so did one of my friend. So, I recommend you guys to give them a try.



Most of you should be aware about Infolinks. They are a good alternative to Google Adsense as well. They have four types of ad formats in place.

  • InText ads : InText highlights keywords and every time a visitor hovers over them, a related ad appears.
  • InSearch ads : InSearch displays relevant ads to traffic arriving to your site from search engines while infusing another SEO layer to your site.
  • InTag ads : InTag allows you to increase your clicks and earnings while adding valuable informational tags within your website's content.
  • InFrame ads : Based on your website’s category, InFrame will display attractive banner ads in the margins of your website’s pages.

These ad formats can be configured according to your need. Infolinks is a CPM ad-network and they have three payment methods available : PayPal, Payoneer and Wire transfer. The minimum payout threshold for PayPal and Payoneer withdrawal is $50 whereas for Wire transfer, it is $100.

Amazon Associates

You can only earn from Amazon Associates when someone buys the product through your affiliate link. So, I don't think its suitable for general bloggers, it is more suitable to niche sites. Amazon pays you upto 10% of the actual cost of the product, so the payout might be higher than what Adsense, Infolinks or pays, but it will take a longer time (or forever) to make a single sale, unless you have a niche specific site.


BuySellAds does not provide you ads; it is sort of a marketplace where publishers and advertisers meet. You can sell adspots on your site through BuySellAds. However, in order to qualify, your site must get at least 50,000 pageviews in a month. So, sites that are listed on BuySellAds' marketplace are mostly quality sites that get good amount of traffic. You can charge the advertiser monthly or per thousand ad-impressions. Please note that getting accepted into BuySellAds does not guarantee that you will get an advertisement. An advertiser has to be interested in advertising on your site, he then buys the ad-spot through BuySellAds. BuySellAds will keep certain percentage of the payment and send the rest to you.


Like infolinks, they also have several ad-formats in place. You can choose from Inline text links, graphical banner, text banners, pop-unders and interstitial ads. They provide payouts of upto 85% of the actual earning to the publishers, which is very high compared to other ad-programs. They have a net 15 payment policy, which means they make payment 15 days after your earning gets to a minimum threshold of $50 (PayPal).


What ad-network are you currently using? Let us know by commenting below.

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  1. vinit khanna vinit khanna

    clicksor i heared not good because virus on there ads I have personally never used but I have seen many good reviews about it in forums, Could you tell me please what is your view about this network. After searching i found they are providing pop up and cpc ads.

    • Dinesh khadka Dinesh khadka

      I had registerd with edomz and I couldn't see any cpc banner ad codes. They seem to provide popups and popunders only

      • jatin nehra jatin nehra providing CPC and cpm ads unit also, As i know for getting approval for cost per click and cost per mile banner ads you need to send them mail. there CPC rates is really awesome.

  2. Arno Arno

    clicksor is not good.
    they pay always just 1 or 2 cents for clicks form USA,Canada,UK.
    just ridiculous earnings.

  3. is awesome ,They have improved so much ,I am loving it

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