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Month: April 2013

WordPress Error: Comment Date is same as Post Date

I was going through some posts a few days back and I noticed something unusual; all the dates on the comment were the same as that of the post date. The first culprit that you think of when you see such kind of error is a plugin. Any plugin with compatibility issue or error in coding could have caused the problem... or so, I thought. But then I realised I had just changed my theme.  So, it must be an issue with the theme's coding rather than a problem with a plugin. read more

How To: Get Facebook Birthday Reminders as SMS for Free

Because of Facebook, there's no need for people to memorise their friends' birthdays anymore. It keeps note of all the birthdays and sends you a reminder whenever someone on your friend list has his/her birthday coming up. But, as helpful as that might be, an e-mail reminder or a facebook notification might not be the only way you want to be made aware of your pals' birthday. So, here I am suggesting you a way to receive SMS reminders of the birthday based on Facebook's Birthday record. You will be able to receive SMS reminder of your friends birthday for free. read more