We had covered about some Nepali startups such as Swipr and CashOnAd earlier. This time, we have a new Nepali startup called 11Beep which is similar to what Snapchat is, but for texts. 11Beep app was released on February 6. Sorry it took so long to cover about it; I was pretty busy.

11Beep is developed by Bimal Maharjan. It is as of now only available for Android users, and is currently in beta. The philosophy behind the app is simple – to let you share your messages, but with an expiration date. 11Beep is a social networking app, which lets you set self-expiration time for the updates and photos you share with your friends.

While the current social networks store everything about you, 11Beep promises not to.  Your beeps ( 11beep refers to your updates/posts as a “beep”)  are completely removed from the database, whenever you choose to. Yep, that’s right, no social media footprint!.


 It works this way : you enter your text or add photos, then you select whether you want to share it with all your friends or just select ones, and then set a timer to it (minimum 11 minute, maximum 1 month). Your friends will be able to see it until the expiration time is reached after which, it will automatically self-destruct itself (Mission Impossible style :) ), and no one will be able to view it anymore.

Being a Nepali, I believe I should support Nepali startups and the people who try to do something in the field of technology, but I cannot just let go of the possible pitfalls relating to the app. First, one of the main reasons why Social network is useful to me is because I can refer back to the things that I have said/liked/shared/commented on. I can go through my profile to see things that I did in the past (which are most of the times embarrassing :P ). In 11Beep, however, my profile would just be blank.

It would contain posts until the expiration time for that post is reached, after which, my profile would be just like my lab worksheet that I need to submit day after tomorrow (i.e. empty). Any comments you make on others’ posts will also get deleted when the post expires.

Although not having any digital footprint is probably a good thing in today’s world, it kind of makes me sad to not be able to view things I said earlier.

Another thing is, while Facebook is a place to find new friends, 11Beep will only be a place for old friends. I guess, that’s the main idea behind 11Beep anyway, since the things you share are meant to be private, and not shared with everyone, for ever-long.

If you miss someone’s post on Facebook, is it possible for you to go to their page/profile and view it anytime you like? You bet. What about 11Beep? What if you don’t open your app for, say, two hours? What happens then? You miss everything that someone has chosen to share with you for a period of 11 minutes, or 1 hour. That sucks. But, 11Beep apparently sends a notification whenever someone on your friend-list posts something new. That means you won’t be missing anything when your phone is with you (and it is not in silent mode). But again, that might create problem when you have too many friends (because, you know, too many notifications).

11Beep Message

Despite these things I shared, 11Beep will actually be useful to some. Case in point : just a week back, my brother asked me to remove a post relating to him from a Facebook page that I administer. It’s a confessions page of our high-school. He said he is applying for some internship and would rather not have anything bad (it was nothing bad as such, at least to me) about him pop up when they do the crosschecking. If the post was shared on 11Beep, it would have automatically expired.

Other than that, it can be useful to share fun messages among friends, share what would be considered a politically incorrect or sensitive post to share on Facebook or such open networks. You could also share controversial humor to your close group of friends without having to worry if it offends other people. In a way, it helps you be who you are. You don’t have to be a people-pleaser because you believe your true self will offend others. That’s right – at least inside these walls built by 11Beep, you can behave the way you are. No more hiding!

Download 11Beep from Google Play Store.

11Beep however, has still a long way to go. It is in beta as of the moment of writing this post, and many of the features are yet to be added. I hope it prospers and gets popular. Go on give it a try and support the development by rating it on Google Play Store.

Lastly, whatever I mentioned above are just the ramblings of my unsophisticated mind, and you don’t  necessarily need to agree to them. Do comment below to share your thoughts about the application.