How To Make An Online Code Compiler?

An online code compiler emulates the terminal on the web allowing you to type terminal commands, your code etc. and compile them there and then as you’d normally do on your computer. Basically, there’s a terminal backend on the virtual machine/container that exposes the terminal on the web using one of the several libraries. Inherently, both sides communicate using websocket. The traditional model of web communication does not work in this situation since you need something that allows two-way interactive communication (mostly, to handle the standard input — ‘stdin’). read more


I’m pursuing a Bachelors in Science, Computer Science and Information Technology (BSc. CSIT) in Nepal. About fourth semester in, I realized I could not just rely on what I was taught in the class. For one, I didn’t understand what the teachers said. They made things complex than it was absolutely necessary and obviously not all of them were qualified in the subject matter. I prefer learning from videos than from texts, so I started looking for MOOCs. read more

Breaking a simple text based CAPTCHA

It took me about a week of my Dashain vacation to make this simple captcha breaker (5 days to be exact). I had been reading Image Processing in my CS undergrad for some time then, and wanted to put my skills to use, although, I must admit, its not as overly complicated or full of image processing bits as I’d have likely enjoyed. I had only learned the basics when I started doing this. If I were to do it now, I would have definitely done it differently. read more

Handwritten Devanagari Digit Recognition using Neural Network

Neural Network was one of the electives available during my 5th semester, and knowing that it was available, I was certain that I wanted to study it over any other electives. But, unfortunately (or fortunately), my college, as it is with many other colleges of Nepal, made it a compulsion to take Cryptography as the elective subject. I, obviously, wanted to study Neural Net and could not convince the college on teaching ANN instead of Cryptography. I was left with no choice but to study both, which I did. A few of us studied both the subjects as an elective. Since the teacher was not available during the weekdays, we took classes on every weekend for 3 hours each. So, there were no holidays for us, for 4 months, I think. read more

5 Things About Sequelize That Had Me Scratching My Head

The longer title of this article is 5 things about Sequelize that had me scratching my head when I was making an API using Node and Express. I had never used Sequelize before and had not done any programming on Node.js either. So, I ran into a few issues which took me a while to solve. I’m making a list of it here so that people wanting to accomplish the same thing as me would not need to scratch their head for hours the way I did. read more

Grab PacktPub Free Learning eBook Everyday Automatically

Packt Publishing have a lot of good premium books and everyday they put up a premium book for download for free. You could get a premium book a day by going to the Free Learning eBook page. I chose to automate the process and have the book grabbed automatically to my PacktPub account everyday. I have made the script available on Github for anyone who is interested to do the same: PacktPub Grabber. read more