How To Verify Nepali PayPal With Payoneer MasterCard?

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PayPal, the most popular online payment processor, can be used by Nepalese but only for the purpose of sending money. A Nepali PayPal account cannot be used to receive money. We had talked about creating a PayPal of another country and withdrawing the money in Nepal earlier . On this post, however, we're going to explain to you how you can verify a Nepali PayPal account which can only be used to send payments.

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A verified Nepali PayPal account is helpful when you need to make payments on sites that accept verified PayPals only. Besides, you will have no fear of getting it limited. Its always good to verify a Nepali PayPal account, who knows when you might need it.

First of all, you'll need to get yourself an international credit/debit card. Some of the banks in Nepal provide international cards to Nepalese, but the rules and requirements to obtain one makes it almost impossible for a normal citizen to get it. The requirements are more suitable to a businessman.

Therefore, I have used a Payoneer MasterCard to verify my Nepali PayPal. Here is how you can verify your PayPal with a Payoneer MasterCard. (Make sure you have at least $2 on your Payoneer account before you proceed.)

  • Register on PayPal. (selecting Nepal as your country.)
  • Go to Profile > Add/Edit Credit Card.
  • When you are asked information about your card, put the details of your Payoneer MasterCard.
  • Click on Add Card.
  • Click on the confirm card link.


  • Click on Continue. Your card will be charged about $2 and if you check the statement, you will see unique 4 digits on the transaction. The $2 will be refunded to your mastercard once the verification is complete.
  • Check your Payoneer Interface, you will see the unique four digits there (see the image).  Remember the digits.

PayPal verification code

  • Go to PayPal and Click on "confirm card" link on the right pane.
  • Enter the four digits that you saw on Payoneer's interface and click on Confirm card.
  • Your account has now been verified and can be used to send payments from your Payoneer MasterCard.


As mentioned earlier, although the PayPal  is verified, we can only send payments. It might come to use at some point. Note that, you cannot load your Payoneer MasterCard from Nepali banks and cards, so you need to be someone who makes money online, in order to use this PayPal.


  • Can we transfer money from and to payoneer card and Paypal ? And you mean we can load money on the paypal through the payoneer card only ? Aren't there any alternatives ?

    • You can transfer money from your foreign PayPal (verified with the US Bank account) to your Payoneer by using the US Payment Service. You can verify a Nepali PayPal with the same Payoneer Card and can use the card to make Payments from PayPal. One PayPal to withdraw money to Card, and another PayPal to make payments from Card. The only alternative is if you have a local bank issued international debit card.

      • hi subigya,
        do you mean one has to make 2 paypal account?.isn't it possible to make payment through the same paypal acc which is used to withdraw money thruogh pyoneer?could you plz tell me why we canot use the same foreign paypal for both purpose even if foreign paypal is already verified?why do we need two differnet paypal?

        • You can make payment through the same PayPal account, but you cannot make use of the Payoneer MasterCard to verify a US PayPal since it's billing address will be of Nepal. So, I was just suggesting to use the card to verify a Nepali PayPal. It's not necessary, but does not harm either. Suppose you withdraw all your PayPal funds to your Card, and you need to pay someone immediately via PayPal. At that point, you can just use the verified Nepali PayPal to send payments via your card. Just an example. But, try your best not to use both the PayPal's at the same time as having two PayPal accounts (personal) is not allowed by PayPal and might get your PayPal limited.

          • how much do they charge when u order a payoneer mastercard?and does there any money on card when you recieve it? if not is there any way to deposite money on your acc to that card besides getting paid through paypal?

          • Go through this post and the comments, you'll find answers to your every questions.

  • How to use US payment service to transfer money from paypal to payoneer. I dint see such options in payoneer ?

    • I had already posted about it, and you too had commented there. Did you forget or something? If you don't see the option under SERVICES, you need to contact Payoneer.

  • You dint get what I asked you, I mean I want to transfer fun from any user paypal directlly to my payoneer account / card ?

  • Like we can transfer money through any credit or debits cards on this page

  • In US payment services there is written - PayPal Inc. (Important Note: Transfers from PayPal to Payoneer are allowed, but transfers from the US Payment Service to PayPal are automatically declined)

    • You can withdraw your PayPal balance to your bank account, but cannot make payment through your bank account via PayPal. That's what it means. You can use the US bank account you received from US Payment Service to withdraw money from your PayPal to Payoneer account, but you cannot send payments from your US bank account via PayPal.

  • how to get the payoneer master card???
    Can i get that card in my village???
    Be sure that there is a post office having postal code 45606 near of janakpurdham.
    Plz replay.....

    • Read my post properly. Everything is answered there. You can get the card if you provide your full address (incl. your ward number and house number).

  • Subigya, my paypal from US address verified with payoneer account has been made limited. Now what to do ? It asks me for Us Id / Passport / Social security Number. What to do ?

    • Sorry, you can't do anything aside from getting someone to make Fake ID's for you. You'd have to find that on your own. Thanks.

  • Hello subigya, I had opened account in payoneer and it said my card arrival estimated date is between June 28 to July 5. Now I'm waiting for card arrival. My address is real on that. I also enabled US payment service but still not verified . In other hand, I also had created paypal account with the address of New York. It is verified now.two small deposits were on my payoneer and that amount I had entered on paypal for verification. Now the questions are, my payoneer address is of nepal but paypal is of US. Will US payment service verify my account ? I think he will reject, my papal address and payoneer are different and they have told me to send my paypal account profile screenshot . And my address will also be seen . And another thing I don't have money on paypal and us payment service team has required my paypal incomings in screenshot. Now can you tell me please what should I do to verify my US payment service. And additionally tell me to earn money on my paypal. Thanks. Hope you will reply. And the last thing, does payoneer gives me card in dhangadhi without any charge ? How much should I spend to get it ? Will it sent on estimated date even if my us payment service is still not verified? Thanks Regards Dinkar Dhangadhi-2, Kailali

    • It can take anywhere from 20-40 days to receive the card. They didn't ask me for any screenshot. Why are they asking for yours? I don't know what you can do, since none of the other guys have been asked for a screenshot of PayPal before. Did you contact them for something? Regarding earning via PayPal, Google for the guides. You should not be charged anything to receive the card in Dhangadhi.

  • But subigyA how to have 2 $ on my payoneer debit card

    • 1) Make use of the US Payment Service to withdraw earnings from PayPal, Moneybookers etc.
      2) Ask clients to make payments to your Payoneer MasterCard directly.
      3) Withdraw Earnings from Payoneer Partners (eg. Infolinks, Odesk etc.) to your card.
      4) Payoneer card to card transfer.

      Read the FAQ.

      • Thanks for information. Please, help me to eliminate another confusion too. Suppose I'm freelancer and I want to verify my payment source. Will nepali paypal account be accepted to be verified? And will that earned money can be withdrawn from payoneer card in Nepalese ATMs?

        • Nepali PayPal account can only be used to send payment. It cannot receive money. You can use the method mentioned here to create a verified PayPal of some other country and withdraw the money in Nepal via your Payoneer card. Or, as I mentioned earlier, you can ask your clients to directly load your Payoneer card via their mastercard/visa.

  • Nepali Paypal.. is it someting different?
    Also, Payoneer.. I have not heard this Bank till it some Nepali bank or did i missed this bank till now?

    • Nepali PayPal here, means a Paypal account made from Nepal. Payoneer is not a bank, it's a payment provider.

  • My problem is a bit different in that I intend to deposit money into US account rather than withdraw it. I am thinking of ordering Payoneer card, creating US bank account and then using Western Union Money Transfer to deposit money. Then I might be able to use that credit card for online purchase.
    Have you tried this? Will it work?

  • Heartly Thanks Subigya Bro,
    After reading your artical I create an account on Poyneer and I have received the poyneer master card yesterday after a very long time...So, Now Help me for further process for create and to verify the paypal account from nepal...and another is I can load fund in poyneer account from nepal or not..??

    • Ismam, you cannot load the payoneer card from Nepal. You need to make money online in order to load the card. While creating PayPal, please select your country as US/Canada and use information from (do use your real name though). That's it. Everything else is mentioned on the article above. Thanks.

    • Hello Ismam,
      How long have u waited for payoneer card? Did postman call you? Did payoneer mention your contact number in the envelope?

  • Hey!!..i've seen your blogs..they re pretty good.I also have a mastercard but da problem is i do not have a balance and i don't know how to get and load funds in my payoneer mastercard...I wanted to purchase a beauty product online.So,is there any such options??

    • You cannot load the card from Nepal, unfortunately. If you don't make money online, it's not of any use.

    • Hi terisha,
      You can upload fund in your skrill account through banks. And then link your Bank of America a/c in skrill and withdraw fund in it. Your payoneer a/c will be loaded with these funds. This means your payoneer mastercard will be loaded.
      Note: First, You need to verify postal address to add US bank a/c.

  • i do have a card. i dnt know how to get balance..

    • You need to make money online in order to load the card.

  • can i transfer balance from foreign verified paypal to nepali paypal.i want to do this because some paypal transaction need phone verification.and i do have some balance in foreign paypal.

    • You CANNOT RECEIVE money in your Nepali PayPal, period. Does not matter if the sender is verified or not.

  • Hey guyz! Did payoneer mention My contact number in the envelope? I have accidentally fill wrong house number.

    • I think they do mention the contact number.

  • Was there your contact number when you recieved your payoneer card?

  • Hello Subigya sir,
    My payoneer mastercard has been estimated to arrive between May 26- June 2. Its 1st June but i havent recieved yet. I also went to the postoffice the day before yesterday. They ask me for registration number (i think tracking number) but that i didnt have. I have consulted with payonner support in this matter. But they also havent because it was sent by regular mail. When do you think it will be arrived? as
    your experience.. Please make sure did they mention your mobile number in payoneer's envelope. Thanks

    Kind Regards

  • is there any method to load money to payoneer mastercard .

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