How To Stop Download of YouTube Videos?

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Google has recently removed the Stop Download command from the right click context-menu of YouTube videos. This change has brought in outpour from lots of users. Stop Download command used to let you stop the video from downloading completely, as opposed to the pause button which only paused the video while buffering still took place in the background.

After a bit of research, I have come to learn that now onward even pressing the pause button will stop the video from downloading. But, it does not seem to be occuring on my end. Stop Download button was very useful to me, especially because of the fact that I have a slow internet connection and I need to stop the video every once in a while to browse other sites/videos.

If its the same with you, don't worry, I have come up with a very simple solution to the problem. Note that these solutions do not work for HTML5 videos i.e. you cannot stop an HTML5 video, you can only pause it. This is because YouTube has not, as of  yet, introduced an API related to 'stop video' function in HTML5.

Stop Video Download

Here are two three possible ways to get back the Stop Download feature.

Stop Download on YouTube



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  • Thanks a lot! Works like a charm :)

  • Been using this for months, thank you.
    Now, it seems that it's not working anymore.

  • Never mind, turned out it was just a glitch, thank you.

    • Hi, YouTube has changed its interface. As you might have noticed, these days the page does not reload when you open a video. A red bar appears on the top and the video loads on the same page. This AJAX loading of the video (called SPF feature) has resulted in lots of userscripts and add-ons becoming unusable. The add-on / userscript I have mentioned above also does not work for many videos because of the same reason. As of now, you need to reload the page by either pressing the enter button or the reload button for the STOP VIDEO button to appear on the interface. So, simply clicking on a video won't show it, you need to reload the video manually. I'm sorry about that, I have not been able to figure out the workaround to it. I'll update the add-on/plugin as soon as I figure out how to overcome this problem. Thank you!

      • Thank you for the reply. It's still working. I mainly used the bookmarklet. I installed the userscript for the STOP VIDEO button yesterday when the bookmarklet didn't work. It didn't solve the problem, though (the videos still buffered). It worked again only after I restarted my computer. Now I'm back to using the bookmarklet again. It's easier and always there without having to wait for the page to load.
        Thanks again. You're awesome!

  • the chrome extension button in youtube does not appear for a week.

  • How To Stop Download of YouTube Videos? vía @SkNepal

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