How to Receive SMS Online to bypass SMS verification?

 I'll introduce you today to some sites offering phone numbers which could be used to Receive SMS Online For Free. We might not always be interested in providing our real phone numbers for SMS verification, or  the country we reside in might not be supported by the site asking for verification, so in such cases we can bypass the verification with the help of these kind of sites.


If you want to bypass phone call verification, please take a look here.



The numbers provided by the website works on lots of sites for SMS verification. The only downside is that the message is shown openly and anyone can read your SMS. Immediately after you open the site, you'll see a list of phone numbers that you can use, just send SMS to any one of them, then click on that particular number and you'll be taken to a page with a list of SMS received on that number. You don't need to create an account to access the service.


The site only offers US Phone numbers to receive SMS online. Unlike the earlier site where each phone number had a separate page dedicated to itself, this site lists all the received SMS on a single page. You don't need to create an account to access the service.

Send SMS to any of the numbers listed on the Inbound Number field, and the received SMS will be shown on the same page.


 You  need to create an account before you can receive SMS online and you can only choose from US numbers. It might take a few minutes for the site to load, just be patient. Once you have started to register, the site will ask for your US zip code so that a number belonging to the same area could be provided to you. Just enter 47715 as a zip code, or Google for others if you'd like to. You'll then be provided with a list of phone numbers to choose from. Choose any one number and you're done. You'll see the SMS on the site, the moment it receives the SMS. You can even download a mobile version of Pinger.


Create a free account by going here. After you fill the form, click on Send. You'll receive a code on your mobile number.

On the next page, enter that code, put a tick mark on Select my's number then choose a country from the drop down list. You will be suggested a list of numbers to choose from, select any number and that will be your own number. You can check SMS sent to that particular number online.

Now, check your email. You should have received an email from Lleida with your Client account username and password. To check the SMS sent to that earlier number online, go to WebSMS page and login with the client account username and password that you have been provided on your email.

 Look under SMS Inbox, all the SMS sent to the number will be listed there.


K7 allows you to receive Voice Mail and Fax messages online for free. What it does is, provide you with an unique phone number and whenever the phone number receives fax or voice mail, it records the message and sends it to your email address. It is useful for bypassing verification on sites which instead of sending you an SMS, provide you with the verification pin on Voice mail.



That's it for now. I'll update the list if I find something new.



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46 thoughts on “How to Receive SMS Online to bypass SMS verification?

    1. In which site? None of them ask for you to enter such code. If it is pinger, then it is asking for your ZIP code, just enter 47715, you'll get a list of phone numbers and choose any one of them. Let me know.

  1. Thanks so much! Didn't know it could be this easy, really helped me out a lot since I didn't want to give out my phone numbers and wanted to find some quick, free and simple sites to use!

  2. hey can you tel me how to verify google account? now pinger and textnow is not working. can u give me new site details plz

  3. I am trying to bypass fb phone verfication, but when I tried to use the 1st website provided, fb shows that the number that I keyed in has been used recently. There are not much no. provided and basically all the numbers have been used recently.

  4. Sooeet! Text is a free texting website where you can send and receive free SMS texts or MMS texts with pictures.  It works great with all USA and Canada mobile phones.  And you don't have to register to send and receive free texts.  But if you do register, Sooeet! remembers your text chats and also the mobile numbers you texted, which is really nice.

  5. i used both 1&2 methods for verifing my calendar on google

    google said sms sent but i cant see it in those sites :(

  6. I mean we need unique number to bypass whatsapp. If we bypass with public sms receiver web sites if anyone use same whatsapp number than another phone will shut down...

  7. I tried several days at any time. none of these sites works. even when the number is accepted by VK that sends the activation code, none of these sites receives the message.

    1. @Eric
      VK ! I don't even think the SMS is even being SENT !!!! Try testing a SMS to any of the #s, most goes thu ! SO, it must be VK not sending ! NOW, its time to test them with non SMS #s, ones not posted B4 & to a real SMS #s etc.

  8. Firstly thank you providing the list and I thought I would add to this info with is which is a free online service which provides a UK mobile number and will display any message received on screen updated instantly. This is also an anonymous service as all sender information is removed

  9. You can add in your list this new websites. there is usa, uk, norway, spain numbers to sms verification.

  10. Anyone have a way to get a verification code to log into your already existing Google account when you can't get the sms code? I am in China and don't have access to my US phone to get past 2-step verification. Everything google posts about the issue is 100% useless because talks about things you can do at set up or when you are already in your account. So stupid.

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