Ncell To Introduce Bonus For Incoming International Calls

Ncell, the leading mobile operator in Nepal, is set to introduce a new campaign for the subscribers of Lumbini and Rapti Zone*. The new campaign, which has been named "Regional International Incoming Call Bonus" or "Call aayo bonus paayo" (in Nepali) will be launched two days from now, on June 05, 2013.

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Get 1 years licence of Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 for Free!

It seems like Kaspersky China is giving away 1 years licence of Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 for free. According to the site, they are currently collecting the user data and will be sending the licence code to the email addresses of the users anytime between May 31 and June 1.

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How to limit Internet speed of Computers on a network?

There are times when you wish you could limit the internet bandwidth of a person on your network. Do you share internet with someone who always keeps his torrent client on, always streams videos online or just clogs up internet speed at exactly the moment when you are in need of it? If so, then this method might be useful to you.

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Receive Google Adsense Clickbomb Alert via SMS

Google Adsense is what we and most of the webmasters as well as bloggers use as a main source of income of their blog. As its the main source, its necessary to keep track of your earnings regularly, to know that nothing bad is taking place. One of those bad things that Adsense publishers face a lot is click bombing. It is when the ads on your site are clicked repeatedly by some human or some bot, meaning there is no genuine interest on the user's side and therefore, every click generated is artificial. Artificial clicks do not help an advertiser at all.

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Which Linux Distro suits you the best?

This is a guest post by Dinesh Khadka. He is a tech blogger at BytePanda and also loves to program on python.

Linux Newbies

Have you had enough of windows, its virus sheltering and price heavy nature? Or, do you just want to try out a bit of Linux to see what the entire buzz is about?

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