Get Free AVG Antivirus Pro v3.3 (For Android)

AVG has recently extended its relationship with Yandex, Russia's leading Internet search provider and is now giving away free licences of its Android antivirus : Antivirus Pro v3.3. These licences are perpetual, meaning, you will have the premium antivirus forever - the licence does not have an expiry date. read more


Links for the week of October 12

Starting today, I will post a weekly collection of some of the useful and fun links/tools/good reads that I have come across over the week. I will try my best to make this a regular thing, and post it on every weekend. read more


#hack4good - The global series of hackathon!

This is a guest post by Nootan Ghimire, who recently helped to organize #hack4good for the first time in Nepal. read more


How To Setup .NP Domain Name For Tumblr Blog?

I assume you have already gotten yourself a .NP domain name. If not, you can read the process here. Mercantile only lets you change Nameservers of your domain, however, services such as Google's Blogger and Tumblr, require you to change A Record and CNAME, but not the nameservers. So, if you wish to use your … 


How To Register .NP Domain For Free?

So, I recently registered my own domain. Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd. provides .np NPccTLD (country code top-level domain) to Nepali citizens for free. You can get .np TLD based on your name for personal use, and also, if you have an organization registered at Nepal, you can get a .np name of your organization … 


CashMyAd : Make Money By Listening to Voice Ads & Reading SMS

Last time we had talked about a service developed by a Nepali company which allowed users to make money every time their cell phone rang. This time also, we have got a service, which is developed in Nepal and can make you money not just for picking up calls, but for viewing SMS' as well. … 


Graphi.Me : Generate Infographic Of Your Facebook is an unique webapp that allows you to generate detailed infographic about your friends on Facebook. It shows different statistics about your friends and groups them, which will even help you discover things you didn't know before. read more


CashOnAd : Make Money While Receiving Phone Calls

I just learned about this Android app called CashOnAd which is suprisingly, home-made (when I say home-made, I mean made in Nepal). It is suprising because it deals with something not so popular in our country - making money through an unconventional way. What it does is let you watch video advertisements whenever you receive …