CashOnAd : Make Money While Receiving Phone Calls

I just learned about this Android app called CashOnAd which is suprisingly, home-made (when I say home-made, I mean made in Nepal). It is suprising because it deals with something not so popular in our country - making money through an unconventional way. What it does is let you watch video advertisements whenever you receive a call, and for each 6 seconds of video advertisement that you watch, you will earn 1 cent (~1 NPRupees at current rate). That does not sound much, but at least its something, I guess.

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Episode Player remembers the episode you watched last time

Today we have got a useful tool for those who like to watch TV shows on their computer. Episode Player is a free program that has got a very unique feature that makes it suitable for watching TV shows - it remembers the episode you had last watched, and the next time you open it, it starts the next episode. Episode player is not a video/media player however, it just remembers the video you last played and opens next videos with a media player of your choice (Windows Media Player, VLC etc).

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Run And Kill: Open a program and close it automatically after certain time

This is something I'm sure will be useful to most of you as it has been to me. I download tons of stuff either through torrent or directly via download managers. I prefer doing that on the night time, because everyone is asleep, and low browsing speed because of the download does not really matter anyone. With this program, I can set a fixed amount of time for the bitTorrent client to run, after which it will automatically shut down. So, let's say I share my internet with someone else and he starts using his computer from 5 o'clock in the morning, then using this application I can just schedule the bitTorrent client to run for 5 hours starting from midnight. Then, I won't have anything to worry about. (Of course there are other ways to tackle this problem.)

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Watch Youtube Videos with Externally Loaded Subtitles

Some days back, I was watching a british movie on YouTube, and it was quite difficult for me to understand what some of the characters were saying. At that very moment, I thought of a site I had come across earlier - It used to let users add external subtitles to Youtube videos, but seems like it has been down for some time now. So, here I have made a list of ways to add subtitles on YouTube Video that does not belong to you.

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WordPress : Lazy Load Disqus Comments on Button Click

Over the last few days, I have made some changes on the site to improve its speed. One of such changes was replacing the native WordPress comment system with Disqus. I changed the comment system because I thought of doing something like what Amit Agarwal has done on Labnol - make comments appear only when the visitors click on a button. This will reduce a lot of HTTP requests and in turn, help to improve site speed. I googled and then came across a post that did exactly what I was looking for!

NOTE : I have noticed that doing this will create a problem with Comment Sync, meaning, if you ever choose to leave Disqus and switch to the native WordPress comment system, all the comments might not be imported to the native WP comment system.

What we are trying to accomplish here is to load comments only when a button at the end of the page is clicked. If a visitor is really interested to leave a comment, he will do so by clicking a button. This guide is meant for WordPress, although  the same code can be used on other platforms as well.

On WordPress, go to Plugins > Editor. Select Disqus Comment System. On the right pane, click on disqus-comment-system/comments.php. (Make a backup of the file  by copying all the texts there to a text editor.) Now, replace all the texts with the one below :

<div id="comments" class="comments-area">

<div class="showDisqus">
<center><input type="submit" value="Load All Comments and Add Yours." /></center>

<div id="disqus_thread"></div>

<script type="text/javascript">
 $j(document).ready(function() {
 $j('.showDisqus').on('click', function(){   // click event of the show comments button
 var disqus_shortname = 'thelacunablog';  // Enter your disqus short
 // ajax request to load the disqus javascript
 type: "GET",
 url: "http://" + disqus_shortname + "",
 dataType: "script",
 cache: true
 $j(this).fadeOut();  // remove the show comments button

<noscript>Please enable JavaScript to view the <a href="">comments powered by Disqus.</a></noscript>

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