How To Resize and Create LVM Partitions on Ubuntu?

Too frequent BSODs and 'display driver not detected' messages were turning me insane. I decided to install Ubuntu via WUBI, but although the pain slightly decreased, the true potential of linux was still shrouded by Windows. I had been contemplating on completely formatting and installing Linux, and about a week ago, I finally did it. … 


Get Microsoft DreamSpark Account (& Some Free Products Along With It)

For those of you unaware of it, DreamSpark is a Microsoft program wherein students are provided with Microsoft products at no charge at all. To make use of this facility, you need to verify that you're infact a student. There are a number of ways to do this, but using a .edu email is the easiest … 


How To Remove Left Sidebar From Frank WordPress Theme?

So, I decided to change the theme of the site once again. Man, I'm never satisfied with any theme and as far as I've learned in the last 3 years, no one really is. Yep, you look at someone else's site and you like their theme. You look at yours, and you want to change … 


Grab Certain Texts From Gmail via Google Spreadsheet (Script)

I had worked on this a few weeks back, and without any prior knowledge of using GmailApp call on Google Spreadsheet, I had to struggle for a while to get it working. The code to do this is fairly simple and can be understood by just about anyone. The problem I was trying to solve … 


11Beep - a Nepali Startup that lets you express yourself freely!

We had covered about some Nepali startups such as Swipr and CashOnAd earlier. This time, we have a new Nepali startup called 11Beep which is similar to what Snapchat is, but for texts. 11Beep app was released on February 6. Sorry it took so long to cover about it; I was pretty busy. read more


Swipr - Get Paid For Unlocking Your Phone!

Hey everyone, this post is specifically meant for guys from Nepal, so if you're not from there, you might want to skip reading it. read more


How much does your business need data?

  Everyone uses data today and, as a business, data is absolutely vital. Whatever your product or service, a company runs and survives off of the information it holds. This can be anything from staff details to customer information – all of it is important and such vital assets need to be protected. read more


Get 19 Premium Themes From MyThemeShop for Free

MyThemeShop provides premium WordPress themes, but it has recently introduced a new free theme on the WordPress Themes repository and for the promotion of the same free theme, has introduced a new offer. read more