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Things to avoid while optimizing your site for Search Engines

Webmasters spend a lot of their time and money in optimizing their websites and blogs to get them ranked on the first page of search engine’s organic search results. On the flip side, search engines exist on the web with a goal to provide natural and veritable search results to the user. Search engines serve as a medium through which users can interact with the Internet, or in other words, search engines are doorways through which one can enter and browse the Internet. From finding virtual web addresses to locating keyword relevant links, search engines are used for an array of web-related purposes. Collectively receiving more than one billion search queries daily, Bing, Google, and Yahoo are the most visited search engines across the globe. 

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How to get your blogs recognized in social media?

Those were the days when we used to pen down our feelings and thoughts in personal diaries. Times have evolved. Ever since Internet ventured into our lives, we have started to express ourselves through mails and blogs. There are so many social sites that encourage us to give voice to our feelings. Blogging in particular has evolved recently and it is the latest sensation among Internet users. It has become the keystone of interaction. After all, everyone loves to be heard and recognized for their work. Blogs in particular are a means to communicate and be creative. These days, the number of bloggers is on the rise and it is no cakewalk to get recognized. However there are certain tips and tricks to get the job done.

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How to install WordPress on 000Webhost?

This is a step-by-step, easy to follow guide on how to install WordPress on 000Webhost is one of the most popular free hosting provider, and although there's an option on its control panel to install WordPress through one-click-installation script (Fantastico), it does not seem to work most of the time. So, here's how you can manually install WordPress on the host.

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Simple Twitter/Facebook connect shows Gravatar instead of profile avatar?

Simple Twitter Connect and Simple Facebook connect are two very useful plugins which let you integrate Twitter and Facebook modules into your WordPress site. One of these modules let users to comment on your WordPress site by logging in through Twitter or Facebook.  If you are new to these plugins, you might have encountered a particular issue, where instead of the profile pictures of Facebook or Twitter being shown beside the comment, Gravatar or default WordPress avatar is shown. This problem, however, does not occur in all the themes, especially the ones where the creator has properly passed the comment as a whole object.

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Is your Feedburner showing 0 subscribers?

I had noticed yesterday that my Feedburner was showing zero subscribers. It had happened before so I was not mad or anything since it used to get fixed within minutes. When I woke up today to check the Feedburner stats, it was still showing zero subscribers. I wondered if it was only me who was facing the issue, but seems like everyone else is having the same problem as well.

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How to bulk download all the pictures from Shutterfly?

Shutterfly is an online photo service that lets you upload unlimited photos at no cost. So, suppose all your pictures on Shutterfly are the only original photos you have, there's no copy, or what if you accidentally removed all those photos from your computer and would like to download them back from Shutterfly? What do you do now? Shutterfly offers very limited capabilities to download photos; you can cross post your photos to Blogger and Facebook and you can download photos one by one, but bulk download is not supported. It will be very tedious if you go on downloading each and every photos, one by one.  So to ease your task, here are some ways to download all those pictures from your Shutterfly account in bulk.

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