Co.CC closes down without warning - Users locked out of their own site

The ever popular Co.CC company which provided free as well as paid Co.CC domains has closed down, without giving any warning to the customers. All the Co.CC domains are currently down and can no longer be accessed. Co.CC had stopped accepting new users some time before they closed down. Users were used to be greeted with a message saying "A new domain cannot be registered" .


As of now, the company has not given any formal statement about the closing down of their service. Customers, unsure of what has happened and whether or not it is a "problem" which can be fixed, have taken to the company's Facebook page to voice their anger.

Many speculations are being made as to what might have caused the company to close down their service(if it did close down.) Co.CC domains were notorious for their website contents. It was mostly used by spammers (to create "splogs"), hackers, and for hateful speeches, copyright infringement and different illegal purposes. In fact, in July 2011 Google had removed over 11 million websites from its search results due to the domains being largely used by spammers. Google did start re-indexing the sites later, though. Facebook had also resorted to block the Co.CC domains from being mentioned on the chat.

People are taking this (i.e the site being used for spamming and illegal purposes) as a reason why the company could have closed down. It could also be that one of their domain is under investigation for some illegal act.

Another possibility could be that, the registrar of the main Co.CC company itself took the action as to bring the company down.

 There are also many legitimate users of Co.CC domains and the sudden shut-down has struck as a nightmare to them. I guess, even if the company does return back, many of the customers will definitely stop using their domains, as a company which closes down without giving any warning to its customers is not trust-able at all.

Without any formal response from the company, we can't say for sure what might have triggered such an action. But, I hope they return back, with a good reason for their down time and with a promise to take stricter actions against spammers.


For those of you who are looking for an alternative, I have made a list of probable Co.CC alternatives here.


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34 thoughts on “Co.CC closes down without warning - Users locked out of their own site

  1. That you for blogging about this Nepal, I have - or rather had - a couple of domains for dev sites which until today I hadn't used for some time and now I really need to use them to run some tests for some new code I have, and going to then with no warning or knowledge of them having gone until I found your blog!

    So thank you for the post, and I will be sure to check your list of alternatives :)

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      1. :( It disappeared .... I viewed it in Tor, cookies & history cleared and everything.

        I had just put it in the index, so many they haven't ranked it yet, and just showed it as a result. O well, looks like my 15 minutes of fame is over.

  3. I just found out about this now when I tried accessing my account. I was a member of when it first launched, it's sad to see such an established site just disappear without any explanation. It's so disrespectful to their members (especially those who even donated!). I have helped friends sign up with them especially because it's free. They owed the respected members at least some warning, so we could find alternatives before they shut down. If they were to come back online, I would not join again. That's it for me. This is why all my important sites are on paid domains. I just can't trust these free ones.

  4. with the possibility of C-NAMES and A-records has opened for me the world of hosting and forwarding and DNS-records,

    in the beginning I did expect this will not last for long time, after some years I forgot my reserving, and now is
    time to say goodbye.

  5. What a sad ending for the company. Thanks for this information Nepal, I have several websites that I used this domain site. Thanks also for the alternative domain links you suggested.

    More power.

  6. I ran a company website on there and scince its shut down i cant connect via ftp to download files -_- and my webhosts filemananger is a pain

  7. Its very bad on part of the company as no intimation was given before closure.
    Could not afford to wait further as my site was down for more that 15 days.
    I had immediately switched over to .tk domain which is also free and whose transition was smooth. is recommended

  8. Great, just f***ing great. CO.CC was the only free domain registar that I could use subdomains on. .TK domains works and has better service but creating a subdomain there is much harder for some hosts to connect with.

  9. i did donate to this motherfuckers for 100 websites and i wish somebody kill this tiffs sooner the better so others will no ripoff incessant people. Stay away from asia

  10. It's not's fault, sako; Google banned them from their search index, because it considered too many of the sites as spamming sites. It did the same to *.info domains some years ago (because the company said they were used to run promotions).
    There are good alternatives, though.
    The latter two are fairly new, whereas the first two have been around for a while.

  11. Sad thing to see Co.CC service shut down really, I think it is a great service and I used to have a few PR4 domains with them before Google de-indexed them. I think Google gave them a huge impact after all the algorithm updates and they are forced to shutdown for good. Sad really...

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