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How much does your business need data?


Everyone uses data today and, as a business, data is absolutely vital. Whatever your product or service, a company runs and survives off of the information it holds. This can be anything from staff details to customer information – all of it is important and such vital assets need to be protected.

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Ncell To Introduce Bonus For Incoming International Calls

Ncell, the leading mobile operator in Nepal, is set to introduce a new campaign for the subscribers of Lumbini and Rapti Zone*. The new campaign, which has been named "Regional International Incoming Call Bonus" or "Call aayo bonus paayo" (in Nepali) will be launched two days from now, on June 05, 2013.

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Which Linux Distro suits you the best?

This is a guest post by Dinesh Khadka. He is a tech blogger at BytePanda and also loves to program on python.

Linux Newbies

Have you had enough of windows, its virus sheltering and price heavy nature? Or, do you just want to try out a bit of Linux to see what the entire buzz is about?

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Email Continuity And Cloud Security Standards

Email continuity is critical to the business model of many organisations. Without continuity any business is dependent on hardware which, when it goes down, as inevitably it does at some point, can slow or stop operations which can have both short and long term consequences.

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Which SSL Certificate to Choose: A Brief Guide to your Options

With the growth of the Internet showing no signs of slowing down, more and more people are finding sanction in cyberspace for their shopping needs, compared with the madness of the traditional high street. As a small business hoping to begin a new venture selling products to customers nationwide, the concept of online security is of absolute importance if you want your idea to prosper. With the availability of cheap SSL certificates on the market, customer confidence can flourish as more and more learn that, with you, their details are in safe hands.

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How do Zip files (archives) work?

One of the wonders of the computer are the zip files. These technological wonders help compress bulky large files into much smaller files than they originally were.

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