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List of Nepali data sources

Hi guys, its been a long time. I am tired of making empty promises (regarding posting regularly) so, let me not do it again. While I was beginning my data-science journey, I tried to collect as many sources for Nepali datasets as possible, and the following is the listing of the same. The problem is most of these datasets are in PDF (most are in a booklet), so you'd have to use some extraction utilities such as Tabula to convert it into a CSV or workable file format.

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Websites That Offer Free Shipping To Nepal (and Worldwide!)

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over (and apparently Green Monday too). On these two days, western stores offer huge discounts on products. I was looking to make some purchase, but could not find a deal with free International shipping. Buying from stores, mostly those that are based on western countries, would cost you almost twice the actual amount just for sending the shipment. Some sites don't even offer paid International shipping, in which case, you have to use a reship service and that would cost you lots of dough.

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How much does your business need data?


Everyone uses data today and, as a business, data is absolutely vital. Whatever your product or service, a company runs and survives off of the information it holds. This can be anything from staff details to customer information – all of it is important and such vital assets need to be protected.

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Which SSL Certificate to Choose: A Brief Guide to your Options

With the growth of the Internet showing no signs of slowing down, more and more people are finding sanction in cyberspace for their shopping needs, compared with the madness of the traditional high street. As a small business hoping to begin a new venture selling products to customers nationwide, the concept of online security is of absolute importance if you want your idea to prosper. With the availability of cheap SSL certificates on the market, customer confidence can flourish as more and more learn that, with you, their details are in safe hands.

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How email marketing could benefit you

Email marketing is rapidly becoming one of the most effective and popular marketing methods deployed by all kinds of companies, whether large or small. One reason for this is it is relatively easy to implement. Massive companies with hundreds and thousands of customers on their client base can reach each and every one of them almost instantaneously. Plus, when tailored correctly, email marketing can be made to feel very personal to the customer, instantly boosting the status of the company. Customers begin to feel they are valued and that the company really care about them.

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Google Easter Eggs

People picture a nerd with glasses, freckled face and without any liking to "fun", when they think of programmers. But, they love fun and are as normal as you and I. The fun they put in their codes are called "Easter eggs". They are hidden features put by the programmers without any official announcement, left for the users to find out. Programmers at Google, are a fine example. They sneaked in both officially and secretly some Easter eggs or what we like to call "Google Eggs" in their eye hurting codes of programs and apps we use EVERYDAY!,

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