How to block Seen message on Facebook Chat?

Finally, here's a working tutorial to disable the SEEN message from appearing on Facebook chat. It was easier earlier to pretend as if you were offline,  if someone you don't like to chat with started a conversation. But after the SEEN message started appearing, people don't usually do so. Your friends know that you have seen the message  but still have not replied to it and that might not be the wisest thing to do.

Don't worry though, here's a solution to the problem to prevent your friends from knowing that you have already seen the message.

Follow this guide depending upon your browser. Google chrome users please scroll this page till you see For Google Chrome Users.

For Firefox Users :

First of all, download and install  this add-on (AdBlock Plus) on your  browser.

Now, look on the bottom of your browser. There should be a logo (like the own shown on the picture below) spelling ABP. Click on it and select Filter Preferences...

Go to Custom Filters tab and click on Add filter group button. Name it anything you like; I've entered Facebook.

Click on the Actions button and select Show/hide filters. You will see a new pane opening right beside it.

Click on Add Filter button on the pane and paste this :


Click on Close.

Now onwards, even if you see the chat message, your friends will not receive the SEEN text on their chat box, hence they won't know that you have decided not to reply.

Also, if you don't want your friends to see that you are typing while on chat box, then just add this filter :


For Google Chrome Users:

Just download and install this add-on which will do the job for you. No need to paste anything anywhere.

PS. This won't work if you open Full Conversation and chat with your friend from there. 

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19 thoughts on “How to block Seen message on Facebook Chat?

  1. what about removing the "seen" feature from the inbox?
    also sometimes i notice that some of my inbox messages for friends do not have a "seen", i think it has to do with them using their phones or checking facebook messages through email?


    1. Hi, Tiga.
      Yes, Facebook is rolling out such feature on Groups. Some of the groups have already gotten it, whereas some haven't. It really bugs me, but I haven't been able to find any ways to block it.

  2. After I start using the adblock feature (which works for blocking 'seen') all the new messages I get stay 'unread'. They're always colored blue and they appear as unread, which is kind of annoying. Does this happen with you as well? Do you know a fix?

    1. Hi Martin, I'm afraid there's no fix to it. You must be already aware that whenever you get a new message on Facebook, it is colored blue and marked as unread. And what we have basically done here is blocked the file that tracked the message's delivery status from opening/running. So, as the file is no longer able to track the message, it will always be marked as unread. You could however, open a conversation in full window but again, that will just show the seen receipt to your friends.

      1. Alright, thanks for that. So you're saying the 'seen block' only works in chat, not when you view messages in the inbox mode?

  3. Hi Subigya,
    question, now I've used this feature (which by the way, amazing) I now have a new problem.
    All my messages, after I read them, when I log back in say later in the day, says there are new messages. So now my inbox is full or "new" messages which I've actually read.
    Do you know how to get round this?

    1. Hi,

      Sorry for the late reply. The thing you said does happen, and earlier, the only way to avoid it was by opening the full conversation page (from Inbox) of that particular person . When you chat from the full conversation page, you cannot block seen messages from appearing, and so, the chat should be marked as READ. I'm not sure whether it works still, though. I haven't made use of it for a long time now. Thank you!

  4. Subigya,
    I use Google Chrome. I have AdBlock Plus installed. Can't I use the 2 lines of code you gave in the Firefox section?

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